Set the Alarm Clock At 5:30 AM, and See How Your Life Is Changing When You Get Up at Dawn

Set the Alarm Clock At 5:30 AM, and See How Your Life Is Changing When You Get Up at Dawn

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How many times have you heard – the secret of someone’s success is that he goes early to sleep and rises at dawn? Thus, the billionaire earned his first money, a supermodel remained young forever, the junior became CEO, fitness instructors got perfect muscles. And you? Struggling with a snooze button, pushing the phone under the pillow, making an excuse to nap for at least five more minutes. It won’t get you far, and you know it. To put aside all the jokes, you can change the life with a few extra morning hours literally “given away.” So, set the alarm at 5:30 AM, and you will not regret it.

All the benefits of getting up from bed at 5:30 AM

Without distraction, the time to wake up is only yours. Imagine getting up until the whole city is still sleeping. Take your comfortable robe, make coffee, turn on the morning news or even better – favorite smooth jazz tunes. Silence and peace, just for you. Just be aware you do not have to storm, do not be late. All the others in the house are still asleep, the bathroom is entirely yours. You are free to look at yourself in the mirror for ten minutes with no particular reason, or just sit on the couch and recapitulate your dreams, or watch funny videos on social networks. Your perfect and fabulous “five minutes,” at dawn.

Create good habits. Life on the pattern is not such a bad thing, especially when you get into some severe age. The morning routine can start at dawn, more precisely if you wake up at 5:30 AM. Then you will not have an excuse for skipping morning workouts. They will definitely not coincide with an unplanned business meeting. Also, morning exercise will not be shocking for your body, because you got up at dawn, right? You have time to come back to conscience, to eat, get ready and slowly walk to the gym. Also, you will have enough time for an after-workout refreshing shower, a protein shake and a little conversation with loved ones before you leave to work. If you create a habit of waking up at down, regular breakfast, daily workouts, you will have the impression that you have been given 50% of a day that you created with some magic.

Productivity and creativity are a reward for ringing the alarm at dawn. Here comes the story of successful people and their business achievements. Steve Jobs often talked about how he did it because he spent several hours more than anyone by working. Can you make a difference between late hours at work and getting started with tasks immediately after waking up at 5:30 AM? Sure you can. The brain is restful and fresh in the morning. Full of energy. With the right healthy morning ritual, your performance ar the work will be incredible. Consider it as a gift, any idea or a job that was born at the period between dawn and 8:00 AM. Leave the evening for relaxation and socializing which is more than needed to your mind and body.

Invest in yourself. If your day is longer now, let your time be spent with more quality. Wake up at dawn to learn new skills, do something that you have never done before, or give yourself everything that your fast and modern lifestyle doesn’t allow or just doesn’t leave enough space and time.

How to make yourself get up so early?

This is not an easy task. The body is overwhelmed in the morning, and the brain does not tell us we need to put in the speed and get out of the bed. On the contrary. However, if you are not an early bird, try to get used to the alarm at 5:30 AM gradually by moving your alarm clock for a half hour every day before you reach the exact interval.

You will need a certain period for adjustment. When the organism is altered, it will be much simpler. First, you will begin to feel hungry, and the conditional reflex for breakfast, which you are accustomed to having early in the morning, will force you to get out of bed and activate yourself. Good habits and morning energy will help you to focus on daily goals and without any problems. You will see, soon your body will just start looking for a comfortable pillow at about 9PM, and you will begin geting up at 5:30 AM without the alarm set.

What always remains as an alternative, you can still get up at 6:00, or 6:47 AM, with no hard feelings. It is essential to be on the right track and follow the correct pattern. To be ready at dawn can prolong your life, but literally, because you will buy an extra set of fresh and smart hours each day.

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