Simple meditation technique as a cure for anxiety and stress

Simple meditation technique as a cure for anxiety and stress

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Meditation doesn’t have to be so complicated

This modern age requires innumerable ways for stress and anxiety relief, and sometimes it seems that you fail with it. You have already heard how meditation affects our health, but perhaps, sensed it is too complicated for you or you excuse yourself with lack of time. There is a simple technique of meditation you can carry out anywhere.

You can practice it anywhere, so start counting!

You already own the skill necessary for this meditation type – counting, in this case from 1 to 100! It is recognized as one of the easiest and straightforward forms of meditation but yet so effective.

The main advantage of this meditation type is you don’t need any previous experience, just a will to do it and the ability to count, which you acquired from an early age.

Besides, you can carry out this meditation anywhere, regardless of place and time! You can do it in your office while taking a short break, on your way home, or in the morning enjoying your first cup of coffee. And you don’t have to do it aloud! It’s just for yourself, to start your day consciously and to prevent stress to accumulate.

You can make different variations, just sit down and close your eyes while meditating or play some quiet background music to help you relax more. Besides, this meditation type isn’t time-consuming, it takes you only a few minutes!

Learn to control your mind

But, don’t rush with your countdown! The slower you count, the more relaxed you get. Because, the point is to quiet your mind by having your focus on counting, even though, it is not impossible for some thoughts to show up! But, that, actually, is the purpose of meditation – to learn how to control your mind.

Thence, do not rush with your counting because it will not bring you any desired results. Try not to succumb to any surrounding sounds, devices or just your own thoughts trying to control you. By getting closer to number 100, slow down your counting. Gradually elongate the time among the numbers as you are reaching the climax of your meditation. Always remind yourself to be present while meditating, otherwise, it is just a waste of time!

You can also try counting backward, from 100 to 1, for it is said that helps more to combat the stubborn thoughts. If it does not succeed, do not give up! Each time you make a little progress until it becomes your healthy routine and lifestyle.

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