A Sit-Stand Desk is a New Hit, and Not by Accident

A Sit-Stand Desk is a New Hit, and Not by Accident

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Do you spend 8 or more hours a day in a sitting position?

When we criticize people around us that spend a lot of time sitting, we mainly mean those friends and family members who spend the whole day in front of the TV or in bed. But have you asked yourself, how hard is it for you to sit at the office for hours, every day? Pain in the beck, headaches, swollen feet, and chronic tiredness indicate that your body is not in proper position for 8 hours a day. The good thing is, after work you will go for a walk, or to training; and what about those professions that require day-time folding over the desk, drawing, writing, calculating? To quit your job is not the wisest advice, but to get a sit-stand desk, for sure is.

A Little Bit Hipster but Also an Excellent Solution

Sit-stand desks become more popular among contemporary professions. These specially designed boards can be adjusted to your sitting or standing position. When you want to get up, set up a desk for up, and a chair that is attached will keep tracking the height. It’s the same if you wanna go down. Sit-stand desk was created as a need for designers, developers, writers and all other people who don’t often get up of the chair, sometimes even for a few hours while they are concentrated on the work. The recommendation is to stand up from time to time, to walk. But then you get away from concentration and losing the concept in work. Sit-stand desk just serves to correct the spine while you work continuously.

And indeed, it’s not just a hipster trend, the sit-stand desk carries so many positive things for us. It will reflect primarily on our physical health, the mood, but also the quality time organization from 9 to 5.

How does a sit-stand desk can improve the quality of life?

The sit-stand desk will help you fix the spine. This is especially true for those who already have a weak form. As the name itself says, changing the position from sitting to stand, and vice versa is an excellent exercise for the spinal column.

The sit-stand desk will fix your mood. Permanent sitting in the same position produces nervousness and disconnection among people. You know that ‘office-mice’ are always depressed by the stereotype. The new design of office furniture will not only make a change and refreshment in the space you work in, but it will also increase the level of serotonin (hormone of happiness) in the brain, as you will be able to stand up as needed.

Minimize the pounds. Prolonged sitting leads to deposits of fat, and in the last places where you want to see them, thighs and buts. Imagine using a sit-stand desk, and that at any hour you spend at least a few minutes by standing. Standing accelerates the fat burning. And if it may not seem like this, like a yoga pose – it is some kind of exercise.

Sit-stand desk is preventing the onset of heart disease. Standing unlike long seating improves blood flow and promotes the work of the cardiovascular system.

Do not be afraid to make changes at your workspace. Spring is the right time for freshening, changes and new office furniture. Therefore, order the sit-stand desk into the basket. It will be clear on the first day that this is not just a fashion but a quality of life.

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