Smog Can Dangerously Affect Your Health- How to Avoid The Air Pollutants Impact

Smog Can Dangerously Affect Your Health- How to Avoid The Air Pollutants Impact

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Smog or toxic fog has the most severe impact on human health. It is a complex of gases, pollutants, and aerosols that cause severe mucosal irritation. Air pollutants often cause similar effects. Sumpormoxydehyde and formaldehyde cause irritation of the eyes, nose, throats and increase resistance to air passage in the upper part of the respiratory system. Nitric oxide and carbon monoxide reduce the ability of hemoglobin to transmit oxygen, which further aggravates the health of cardiac and other chronic patients

What is Smog?

Smog is aero-pollution. The name comes from a combination of two English words of smoke and fog. It occurs in large cities, in a time of autumn and winter, where there are many aero pollutants in a relatively small area (industry, boiler rooms, exhaust gases of motor vehicles, individual heating …). The lack of wind deteriorates pollution. Appropriate state institutions continuously monitor the degree of pollution and, if necessary, alert.

Smog Have More Effects on Health Then Genes

How polluted air is dangerous to health is worldwide known, and experts argue that air pollutants have a more significant effect on the health of the genes we inherit from ancestors.

Fossil fuels and industrialization affect how genes will exhibit more than the genes themselves, say researchers. Of all the pollutants examined, sulfur dioxide proved to be the most influential on the genome or a set of genes. It turned out that this pollutant affects 170 genes associated with asthma and cardiovascular disease. Researchers at the Ontario Research Institute of Oncology Research have analyzed the genes of more than 1,000 people, some of them living in cities, and some in towns. Participants in the study are divided into groups and according to their French-Canadian, or European origin.

A team of scientists has also collected data on common air pollutants including nitrogen dioxide and sulfur dioxide, as well as particles that are breathing into the lungs. It turned out that there are no significant differences due to the different origin of volunteers, but also that environmental factors have a  larger role in human health. If the city in which they live is more populated, the risk of illness is higher, say the scientists.

Scientists also analyzed the blood samples of 1,000 people, some live in a large-fledged city, in a less urban center, and in a very poorly urbanized environment. It was found that the influence of the environment outweighed the genetic heritage.

Smog Affects Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Diseases

Air pollution directly damages and aggravates human health, while its indirect effects are manifested through harmful effects on domestic animals, vegetation, material, and cultural goods. It represents a concentration of toxic substances over a tolerant limit (maximum permissible level); however, this concentration will depend not only on the intensity of the pollution source but also on the local conditions regarding air currents, precipitation, terrain configuration, etc.  Acute effects are rapidly manifested, and chronic becomes visible only after a long period of continuous exposure to the effect of pollutants, which is why they are more difficult to spot. In humans, air pollution is most commonly caused by irritation and airway inflammation – acute bronchitis that is accompanied by difficulty breathing and coughing, which is particularly dangerous for children and chronic patients- cardiovascular and pulmonary patients, high blood pressure patients, those who have suffered cardiac infarction, stroke.

How to Protect From Smog?

-Wear the mask when you’re out because it blocks as much as 95 percent of the harmful particles that could otherwise be inhaled in the respiratory organs, causing significant problems.

-Avoid the main streets. Air pollution is considerably lower in parts of the city that are distant from the main roads with massive traffic.

-Start early. Ozone is the smog’s main component, and occur when the sunlight reacts with particles that are in the air, so the pollution increases throughout the day. Just, try to tempt your physical activity outdoors earlier, in line with the previously stated fact.

-Get as much antioxidant as possible. Theoretically, antioxidants found in food protect us from oxidative damage caused by inhalation of contaminated air. Although in practice this is not yet fully proven, it will definitely not harm the increased intake of fruits and vegetables while the chances are that you will profit from it very large.

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