The Stuffed Toy Has a Huge Role in a Child’s Growing Up

The Stuffed Toy Has a Huge Role in a Child’s Growing Up

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Even if we live in a world of technological revolutions, smartphones, and the Internet, kids still love to play with actual toys. Remember when you were a kid, your room probably looked the same; stuffed toys, action heroes, Barbie dolls, plastic cars. Even today, when you are visiting parents, this colorful collection of dusty plush awaits incredible memories. We were all waiting for Santa, were good boys and girls all year long.  Children will always look with such love at new toys and asking for more, but still, every child has a favorite stuffed toy – a teddy bear or bunny, that truly is an “important person” in that’s kid life.

That stuffed toy usually rises from the crowd with no particular reason. A child develops a unique emotional bond for it at an early stage of life. When this happens, kids can’t sleep or go anywhere without the toy. When they are sad, first they ask for it. You probably have noticed, children can miss their teddies so much when they are separate for a while, so they embraced them so tightly when meeting again as if they are real persons.

For kids, they are. It is not just a stuffed toy, it’s their companion and the one who hangs them and keeps them safe. They share an enormus trust and love. It plays an essential role in the child’s growing up.

A teddy bear will get dirty with time, become old. It can even tear apart, lose an eye or, for God sake, an arm.  Never offer to your kids to replace their favorite toy for a better, new and expensive one. You must treat their friend with the same care and respect as they do. We are giving you several reasons for that because you need to understand why that ugly dusty stuffed toy is so important to your young ones.

Stuffed toys teach children the first communicative skills

You will notice, while playing, your child often communicates with a toy, act and simulate the conversation. Also, each doll has its own character. Somebody’s valiant, some are good some bad, but the favorite stuffed toy is always a superhero. The kid will talk to him the most. This way, he will not only engage in speech but also his communication and social skills. Talking to others is not easy for all people, and a fellowship like a teddy bear, a monkey or bunny can help a lot and give self-confidence for young people.

Teach children good habits using a favorite stuffed toy as an example

Accept the game and play. Little illusions for educational purposes will not be harmed to anyone. If your child has personified a stuffed piece of plush with plastic eyes and has a lot of confidence in it (or him), make sure to become a good buddy also. For example, the monkey needs a bath. It is a great way to teach your children good hygiene habits. Or, I’ll put a teddy bear on sleep, but he needs a company. The stuffed toy is a model, and on the other hand, your children will greatly appreciate your commitment and sympathy for their friend.

Stuffed toy stimulates the independence

Don’t ever forbid your kids to carry their stuffed pet with them. In particular, do not ever say they are too old for stuffed animals and that others will laugh at them.

Those toys can be a great help when children are separated for the first time from their parents. They give comfort, but also children can develop a feeling of some kind of protection. If you are sending kids to a kindergarten or a summer camp, make a seat for their buddies. It’s more comfortable with them.

When years pass, your children will slowly forget about the toys. They will be replaced with video games, bikes … very soon expensive cars will come, or designer shoes. Don’t hurry too much. Let them be children as long as they want. See, how many times have you, so adults and serious, wished to have your teddy bear and just to hug him one more time? Because, with little soft stuffed creatures, life seemed to be much easier.

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