What Summer Activity Suits You Most? How To Keep Up With Perfect Form During the Vacation Days?

What Summer Activity Suits You Most? How To Keep Up With Perfect Form During the Vacation Days?

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If you haven’t already found your perfect holiday destination for this year, now is the right time. This winter was definitely yours. You took much care about the diet, had a tough agenda at the gym, slept well and adequately. It is going to be a real pleasure to show the world the products of your efforts. But, try not to unloose too much. Hot summer days can catch us. We don’t even notice when lying in the hammock, drinking wine and eating cheese all day long, without the slightest activity. This can reflect on your hard-earned form. Instead of having a passive vacation at the beach, this summer, try to plan something more dynamic. Doesn’t matter if you are going to some faraway destination or to the local, national park. Look for the internet and find the best summer activity that will entertain you and help you stay in good shape. Here is some excellent advice:

Don’t miss kayaking adventures

Did you know that rowing at only two miles per hour can burn up to 200 calories? Kayak is quite an exciting summer activity, available almost everywhere. If you are not located somewhere on the coast, visit the local kayak club in your city. Try kayaking on a nearby river or lake. However, you have plans to go on an adventure journey, do not miss the kayaking through the fjords or crystal clear lagoons in the Philippines.

Kayaking is directed to the work of the muscles of the upper part of the body, arm, back and thoracic. Rowing is pushing the upper arm and rotating the torso.

Calories Burned: 283/352/510

Cycling to the end of the world

Cycling is a summer activity designed for everyone. You can practice this sport in every corner of the globe, slowly, moderately or intensely. Besides, there is no better way of looking around the environment than enjoying bicycle drive on a gentle breeze.

It affects the lower part of the body, with the work of the leg and thighs. This summer activity is excellent for burning calories and maintaining fitness.

Calories Burned: 312/381/408

Swimming, an unavoidable summer activity we all look forward to

While we were kids, going to the pool or beach was the greatest joy, because of swimming. This summer activity is relaxing and helpful in every way. Apart from being a great refreshment, this is a sport that you can do even if you have specific physical difficulties. For example, swimming is an activity recommended for people with pain in the spine or joints, because most of the body is activated, and joints are not obstructed. Therefore, take every opportunity during the summer to swim.

Calories Burned: 312/381/408

Paddleboarding, the most popular summer activity for young people

You probably noticed, no person uploaded photos from the last vacation in the Caribbean without having tried paddleboarding. This enjoyable summer activity can be overcome easily, with a few hours with the instructor. Unlike the previously mentioned sports, there is more emphasis here on developing rowing skill and maintaining balance. Another significant point when maintaining the perfect form questions.

Learn to position the body properly and control the board. Of course, try not to fall. If all this is done quickly, then you can reach the next level of paddleboarding, where you will actually use the strength to row. In the master version, do some yoga poses while you are on the board.

Burned calories: 358/444/644

Rock climbing –  it can be the adventure of your life

For all those who are not overly fond of water activities, rock climbing is the right solution. Climbing builds the strength of the whole body and develops coordination, and it is also a great way to train many muscles groups, such as the back, shoulders, and your hands.

Besides, you do not have to go far enough to get involved in this activity. Whether you are climbing indoors on an artificial wall or somewhere in nature, climbing is an ideal exercise for the back muscles, but also to maintain balance and inner peace. Even if it seems a little slowly, with each movement that you have to recalculate beforehand – believe it, you will be sweating and burning calories.

Burned calories: 624/773 / 1,123

So, this summer does not have to be just sunbathing and sleeping. When it is over, we end up with more pounds than after Christmas holidays. Choose an adventure for yourself. Make a plan. Which summer activity you will choose, it’s not really important. So many great things to do and have fun. It is important to find a good company and enjoy each second spent together. And remember, the perfect form of the body is nothing without the perfect form of the mind.

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