Surprisingly Healthy Camel Milk

Surprisingly Healthy Camel Milk

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Most people in Western culture cannot imagine their lives without dairy products. Except for the Mediterranean and some alike areas where is a tradition to grown goats and sheep, a typical picture of our rural areas represent a green pasture full of cows. But imagine going near the desert, the Middle East or Africa, where there is no green grass and meadows. You will not find the same cattle as in Europe or America. But here, you can see a lot of camels. And they give stunningly healthy milk. Bedouin culture implies the tradition of using this milk in human nutrition for centuries. It can be said that camel cultivating requires much less attention and green areas. They grow in a specific area, and until recently they were kept exclusively within the Bedouin culture. Their milk was used, so to speak, locally. In quantity, camel gives significantly less milk than cows. But its nutritional value is enormous. That’s why it’s up to fifty times more expensive than ordinary cow’s milk. That is why we have more and more examples of the cultivation and production of camel milk in other parts of the world.

Camel milk carries substantial health benefits. It helps in strengthening the immune system, can affect the health of diabetics, blood circulation, heartbeat. It is known that consumption of this milk is suitable for reducing many allergic reactions, but also for the treatment of autoimmune diseases and other health problems. This comes from the fact that this fluid is rich in iron, vitamin C, and protein, but also it contains less fat.

Camil milk and immunity

This strange beverage has a high level of protein and other organic substances, some of which have powerful antimicrobial abilities. Thus, people who continuously drink camel milk can strengthen their immunity. A high concentration of unique, organic syntheses has substantial effects on the neurological system. It can help manage specific allergies, especially on food. Studies conducted in Saudi Arabia included over 60 autistic kids, who consumed milk daily and recorded significant improvements. There is still an analysis of the possible impact on autism.

Camil milk and diabetes

Naturally, it contains insulin, so it is recommended for people who otherwise receive insulin therapy. A significant reduction in insulin doses in patients with type 1 diabetes is possible if its low level is compensated by milk consumption. This is one of the best natural diabetes solutions since it maintains a balance between insulin and glucose. Milk can be used as a preventive measure, it can prevent you from overcoming the disease.

It stimulates circulation and heart function

Iron is the most important component of red blood cells. It can increase blood circulation and oxygenation of organs and extremities. Such an abundant source of iron is perfect for the prevention of anemia. It is especially recommended to women after delivery, due to injuries or periods of malnutrition.

With such a robust and comprehensive set of fatty acids, camel milk can significantly improve the cholesterol balance in the body. By reducing bad cholesterol in the body, it helps to reduce atherosclerosis, heart attacks, stroke, and even help lower high blood pressure.

Better development of the organism

Also, camel milk contains animal proteins much higher than cows or goats. It promotes proper growth and development of bones and organs. Protein is a basic of bodybuilding, and this milk has high content. It is given to malnourished babies during starvation because they can dramatically improve health. In the past,  camels saved many lives of children in Africa but also caravans that passed through the desert for days and nights without food.

It has been noticed that children from these regions, who are consuming camel milk since birth, are less prone to the development of allergic reactions. The same, massive intolerance to lactose, which is increasing in the modern world in humans, is not possible with it. Therefore, we can freely say it is a super-food,  and its advantages are still being tested, but in many cultures of the East, it has been used as a medicine and as food for centuries.

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