Swearing and Cursing People  Are Intelligent and Highly Capable of Verbal Expression

Swearing and Cursing People  Are Intelligent and Highly Capable of Verbal Expression

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As children, we are taught that people who use bad words, or curses, have a lack of education, poor vocabulary, and lower intelligence. The same impression can be left by people who are continually swearing. However, when we grow up, we realize that only very intuitive, smart, and unique people around us are mostly cursing. And equally, we will never say for ourselves that we lack the right phrases to express our emotions, but nevertheless, we prefer to use the F -word. And we often curse, not because we are not convincing, but for the better linguistic effect, the more vivid transmission of emotions, for laughter, and even on purpose.

Psychology today does not include these verbal habits to the indicators of low intelligence but on the contrary

Psychologists are interested in when and why people are cursing. They are trying to pass stereotypes that bad language is a matter of less intelligent and illiterate persons. One study found the connection between how much one person is fluent in English and how much is fluent in cursing.

The first step – verbal fluid is measured by asking the respondent to think of as many words as possible, at one minute, beginning with a particular letter.

The second step – a richer vocabulary in people generally means more meaningful words per minute. Based on this approach, the next task that the scientists set out was measuring the cursing fluency. Requires volunteers to quote as many different courses as they can remember in 1 minute.

After upgrading the data, they concluded that people who scored the most points on the linguistic fluent test also had the tendency to work best on the cursing. The weakest respondent in the verbal fluent test reacted poorly to naming as many curses.

This leads to the conclusion that the cursing has nothing to do with the abundance of the language and the lack of intelligence. On the contrary, it is a language characteristic that an articulated speaker can use to communicate with maximum efficiency. You’ve noticed, sometimes the curse can have a ten times greater effect than the usual conversation.

Cursing often represents a great relief. We feel more relaxed and as if we are free from the negative energies that have accumulated inside.

Swearing as natural pain relief

Maybe it sounds silly, but one study was asked by volunteers to hold their hands in cold water. An unpleasant feeling, you’ll agree. During this process, some had to curse while others had a task to use some neutral words. The heartbeat was recorded to everyone. Those who cursed showed significant heart frequencies and characterized the sensation as less painful, while people with cold hands and polite vocabulary showed a higher degree of pain.

An emotional response to swing is a natural defense mechanism that not only relieves adrenaline and accelerates pulse, but also includes natural pain relief known as stress-induced analgesia.

The best example is a woman who is delivering. Hospital staff testified from the experience that the contractions in women who curse are much more comfortable than with those that are quiet.

Double-sided emotional connection

How can we connect cursing and emotions? Another study aimed to evaluate so that we can see if the feeling provoked a cursing in the speaker to examine whether emotions can cause an increase in the swearing fluctuation.

Participants played a video game to generate emotional excitement in the lab. They played ten minutes, during which they explored the virtual environment (fought and shot at enemies). The task is a robust awakened emotion, for example, aggression. Unlike them, other volunteers played golf. The same phenomenon did not occur in them.

At the end of the game, they have been giving a task to start cursing. Can you guess the results? This confirms the two-way relationship between bad words and emotions. Not only cursing can cause an emotional response, but feelings with can produce what we express in the form of cursing.

What we can conclude is that swearing is not a matter of lack of intelligence. Perhaps we can call it verbal unhygienic, but indeed, those who often use bad words, represent a unique set of emotions, ideas, and thoughts.

An interesting fact – in the case of air crash accidents, black boxes record as well as talking in the cockpit. Usually, the last words of pilots are curses. And to emphasize the key point that swearing must be necessary given its meaning in the way of life and death.

The fact is, swearing is inextricably linked to the experience and expression of feelings and emotions, but also to our intuition and intelligence.

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