Switch for the healthier substitute to table salt – kosher salt!

Switch for the healthier substitute to table salt – kosher salt!

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When used in uncontrollable amounts, table salt can provoke risk components for heart disease, starting with an increase in blood pressure. This may be the primary reason why people are in constant search for different kinds of substitute for table salt, the healthier ones so that they don’t have to be concerned for their health anymore but still enjoy tasty food. If you have any reservations when it comes to choice of these two salts, read this article to find out all the bonuses and advantages of kosher salt!

Why is it called kosher salt?

The first thought might be that it is related to food that has to be satisfying requirements of Jewish law, but it is an excellent type of salt used for koshering, a process that includes salt as a simple manner for separating blood from the surface of the meat. It is also known as koshering salt, and one of its principal characteristics is that is more abundant in grains.

The difference in shape and they tend to be less processed

Producing of table salt usually involves a lot of processing, which can be best visible in its form, especially observed under a microscope, which tells that its shape resembles small cubes of equal size. Contrary to that fact, grains of kosher salt tend to be more significant and of irregular size when observed under a microscope, which reveals the truth that it doesn’t undergo so much processing as table salt. That is the main factor when it comes to finding proper substitutes that will have the beneficial effect on our health.

The sodium matter

Both table and kosher salt amount pretty much the same of sodium matter. But, there is one significant difference when it comes to it. Because grains of kosher salt are larger than those of table salt, they require less sodium.

If it happens that a recipe requires 1 tablespoon of kosher salt, but instead of it you put 1 tablespoon of table salt, it would undoubtedly taste like the sea in your mouth. So, be careful with the amount of the substitute!

A tip to replace kosher salt as in the recipe

If your recipe requires the use of kosher salt and it happens you don’t have it in your pantry, follow this tip: after a little less than half of the amount of kosher salt that would be needed with table salt. Just cling to this general rule of thumb, and you won’t end up regretting its salty taste.

The final advantage of kosher salt

The ultimate benefit of kosher salt we want to offer in this article is that it does not contain anti-caking agent, and that is the reason for being completely natural. Nevertheless, there are cases when some producers include anti-caking agents in the process to produce their goods much more enticing, but the amounts used are far smaller than those contained in table salt.

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