Take Charge Of Your Life, Break the Fears And Give Up Making Excuses

Take Charge Of Your Life, Break the Fears And Give Up Making Excuses

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The way we think and behave are all taught schemes of behavior, even though we are sometimes not aware of it. Making excuses for not doing or even doing something is such a kind of habit. What is the main reason for doing so? Behind every failure and negative event or emotion lie fears, most of the time. And what are fears? Only the thought repeated continuously in our mind. But, if we want to live our lives consciously and take charge of it, we should seriously consider fear as a threat that stands behind our making excuses.

Some people are brave enough to accept that challenge, but some of us need a little help to change bad attitudes that are detrimental to our health. Here is some advice that you might find helpful:

Accept your fears and release them

The first step to letting your fears disappear is accepting them, just like every single negative emotion. It might be hard at the start, but it is releasing. Everything begins in our head, and so dread do. Just remind yourself that they are something abstract and appreciate yourself enough to prevent yourself from such thinking. Besides, it is essential to know that they might be present in most of our lives, and accepting them will help us build the confidence necessary for our health and socializing with others.

Set goals and take baby steps to accomplish them

In order not to get lost on a journey to the life you have always wanted, it is essential to set goals for it will help us go in the right direction. Don’t get too ambitious and extreme because they can exhaust you or may be too high for your current situation. Assess the momentary conditions and go step by step, even planning it, until you succeed in achieving it. This is a proper precaution to prevent yourself from specific failure or feeling miserable.

Plan every step to achieve your goals

Sometimes things get complicated, and you may find yourself lost in the maze searching for solutions, so it is the top priority to have your steps planned. Therefore, it is easier to go back on the right track where things are simplified and organized. But, don’t get discouraged if you don’t manage to accomplish all the steps, it is also right to take a risk sometimes and improvise because ideas show up when you don’t chase them!

Mistakes are part of the trip

Mistakes do not define us, they are not who we really are. Mistakes exist to show you what you have done wrong and, actually, to let you know you are doing something wrong. Words do not teach, experiences do. As with fears, as soon as you accept your mistakes as part of the trip, you will be thankful for they have shown you which way to go to reach the final destination.

Do not reveal your plans

It is good to have love and support from the people you care about, but be careful whom you reveal your intentions and plans to. Teach yourself to observe different situations and other people’s behavior and actions, for experiences of others or our own means a lot more than a word or piece of advice. Also, find people with similar experiences because they can save you from unnecessary complications and be wasting time.

A comparison does not lead to success and happiness

Comparison to other people’s lives is destructive and hostile, and it is not suitable for our self-image and health. It can only lead you backward. Instead, focus on positive things for they will get you out of the place where you have been stuck and learn to accept yourself just the way you are. It is never too late to work on your self-worth. Successful people never compare anything to other, they only compare themselves to what they have been or done yesterday.

Enthusiasm is key to success

Give up all those things that waste your energy and focus on the joy of doing the things you love! Weaknesses are just another side of the medal and the sign that tells us to look for the things we are good at because you get entirely different results. The key to success is the enthusiasm you feel about the things you haven’t even reached yet! But, that is what true happiness is, isn’t it? Because you may sometimes take valuable stuff in your life for granted without realizing it.

Cherish compassion towards yourself

It is important to cherish compassion and not be too stern with yourself. Learn to forgive yourself even if you did your best and still haven’t succeeded. It will help you take away the obstacles you meet on your way and teach you to adopt more and go with the flow. Find that balance of not making excuses and not being too hard on yourself.

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