Takotsubo Cardiomyopathy Syndrome – Did you know that doctors can diagnose the “broken heart”?

Takotsubo Cardiomyopathy Syndrome – Did you know that doctors can diagnose the “broken heart”?

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When in our lives a moment comes when our heart is broken, we experience various emotional stages, followed by feelings of dying like it’s the end of the world.  Then, we feel so much pain, and we cry, weep, mourn, until the moment when we finally restore our control and self-confidence. The broken heart syndrome happened to everyone at least once. When it occurs, it is understandable that you suffer and closing in with yourself. Even a few days in the same pajamas with a ton of chocolate is part of the process. In addition to the emotional tsunami through which the wounded person passes, the body also feels the change. Whatever we want it or not, our pain also manifests itself on our body. Therefore, in medicine, it is possible to give a diagnosis of a “broken heart.”

Takotsubo Cardiomyopathy, a broken heart syndrome

Perhaps the most common physical change we can feel when someone breaks our heart is a literally feeling similar to a heart attack. In the 1990s, Japanese scientists described this syndrome as a “temporary heart condition,” which occurs after a sudden breakdown of the relationship or because of similar triggers of emotional collapse.

American studies confirm, in small numbers, that is about 2% of patients who report to a doctor because of a heart problem, actually experienced a “broken heart” rather than a heart attack. Unfortunately, the highest number of victims of such love problems are women in mature age.

In fact, in a severe emotional shock, the heart muscles begin to show abnormal functions. Recovery may take from a few weeks to several months, but the patient will continue to bear a high risk of heart disease.

Health disorders due to the “broken heart” syndrome

In addition to simulating severe heart disease, grief and suffering from the broken heart or conditions linked to the painful breakup will lead the body into another state. First, sleep disorders will occur, due to excessive anxiety and stress. Melancholia can hold you on edge, not allowing you to enter into a deep sleep and give the body the necessary rest and recovery. Thus, this state quickly turns into a cruel agony that seems to have no end.

People who suffer from a broken heart will manifest their pain differently. Indeed, they will be more prone to eating disorders, whether it be loss of appetite or overeating as consolation.

In the end, sorrow leads to serious damage to the nervous system and triggers some hidden mental difficulties in the person.

Medically, to determine the diagnosis of a broken heart, it is necessary that doctors remove all other possible factors that cause a physical state in humans. Then, as a proven and established disease, it can be treated with mild beta-blockers or blood diluents, but it is most important must be monitor due to more episodes in the patient.

What to do when your heart breaks?

It’s never easy to put it back on your feet. To straight your head and go on. How, when we feel weak and broken? Unfortunately, many people with a broken heart will take alcohol or some destructive habit that will leave them away from pain and suffering for a moment. However, this is not a solution. Bad habits will only aggravate the situation. And when you end up being forced to quit and confront yourself, you will have no strength.

Face your pain. Accept that your heart is broken. You will be diagnosing yourself the best. Contact your friends, family, and even doctors for quick and better cure.

After facing it, it is essential to start the process of healing and rehabilitation. You just have to give this to yourself. Meditate, walk near the water, find the hobby and make a positive change on yourself. We are not in a position to completely separate ourselves emotionally from the physical. Therefore, our mind and our heart are unpredictable fields. Some cracked hearts will be a warning to the end of that person lives, while some will see it as a chance to prove to themselves that they are stronger and that they can do anything, even cure a broken heart. Finally, as Cohen says in the song – cracks are places where the light enters in.

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