Three fundamental reasons why fabric softeners are harmful to the health of your family

Three fundamental reasons why fabric softeners are harmful to the health of your family

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Over 3,000 products with added scents are continually in use in our homes. We never think about that where these scents are coming from. Also, many TV commercials offer products, especially for laundry, to make it more flexible, more elastic, saves its color and extend the look of the new. Using fabric softeners is a common habit of households. Still, read the labels on the package. Many dangerous chemicals are often a component of similar products that can compromise the health of your family members. Here are the fundamental reasons why you need to avoid the softeners:

Quaternary ammonium compounds

Landry that is so soft and smells good does not come from nowhere. In the washing process, specific chemical compounds that have this effect on the fabric must be added. However, we are not all experts in the field of chemistry so that we know what is right and what is not of the ingredients written on the label. If you notice suspicious elements like “biodegradable fabric softening agents” this may be enough to stop there.

Sulfate or chloride compounds commonly found in fabric softeners are a real trigger for asthma, they are toxic and can lead to problems with reproductive organs. Avoid them.


This is a synthetic musk that gives scent to our clothes after washing. Our body is able to accumulate it and absorb it through the clothes that can lead to health complications.

Synthetic scents like this can cause asthma, skin irritation, difficulty breathing, and can especially affect irritation in the intimate body parts. Avoid products that contain fragrances, especially when it comes to the youngest members of your family.

Preservatives of color

 We all want our favorite clothes or sheets to stay forever like new ones. Still, washing and wearing your clothes is not eternal. Many products offer new technological solutions, including color preservatives. Methylisothiazolinone and glutaral are found in these products. These chemicals are known allergens and are known to be deadly to the marine world. Many similar substances are linked to the development of cancer, and experts recommend their strict avoidance.

All the above facts are present in our daily lives. They are dangerous for the health of our families and if we rarely consider that a small dose of something cannot be harmed. If you want everything to stay soft after washing, try wool bags for drying, or the trick by adding a distilled white vinegar to the washing machine during the rinse program. Be positive to read the label on the fabric softeners and choose the right one or one that will protect your family from unnecessary health problems.

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