Tips For a Natural Shiny Look on The Beach – Sun, Water & Perfect Makeup

Tips For a Natural Shiny Look on The Beach – Sun, Water & Perfect Makeup

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Packing your suitcases for a long-planned vacation. A lot of cool outfits are ready, your body is in great shape, but you are not prepared to give up your everyday habits when it comes to makeup. And you don’t have to. There are a lot of makeup tricks that perfectly go with the sun, the water and your entirely new ten, and in doing so, they do not mind the heat. In the lines below, you can read some good DIY or professional tips to keep your natural shiny look on the beach.

Eyebrows on the beach

The first problem that ladies have when they go to the beach is its eyebrows. This facial detail makes us noticeable and gives a particular line to our face. However, sun, salt water, and high temperatures are not the most suitable conditions for placing an eyebrow with a regular pencil. They will be wiped, or worse, spilled over your face, and your eyebrows will lose their natural appearance. Instead, try tinting your eyebrows at home, using many YouTube tutorials for DIY tricks. If you are not comfortable enough to do this yourself, visit the beauty salon, where the methods of natural drawing or Japanese artwork are so advanced that nobody will notice the difference. A permanent cosmetic dying will relieve you of the constant duty to keep an eye on your eyebrows, and you will finally be able to relax on the beach, enjoy swimming and sunshine.

Face tinting

High temperatures are not suitable for any kind of liquid foundation. Therefore, avoid strong powders. First of all, it is necessary to apply a facial cream with a protective factor on the skin, which will protect you from lousy radiation and will also reduce the aging process of the skin. Apply at least 20 minutes before going to the beach. After that, you can apply a smaller amount of stone powder that will control excess skin shining. The best solution is to find a powder that has an SPF.

Our advice for the natural shiny look of the face is just a little bronze shiner on the cheeks and the necessary protection from the sun. Remember, if you are tanning slowly, all the imperfections on the face will be less impressive, and the makeup will make it as much as possible to highlight your new tune.

Eyes and lips

If you’re used to carrying eyeliner and mascara, then you definitely know that you need to choose waterproof products. They will resist the sun and the water. Try some of the makeup products in summer colors, which will fit perfectly with the atmosphere on the beach or your new bathing suit.

Avoid liquid lipsticks, lip gloss or shimmering shades. These types of makeup products will spill very quickly, and your mouth will lose a beautiful and precise line. Instead of them, our advice is to apply a smaller amount of mat lipstick on your lips or even better, balsam for your lips in various shades.

There are a lot of products that will help you fix your makeup, making it more resistant to beach conditions. However, the advice remains the same, do not exaggerate with the cover. Wear natural tones, so that you can work with care and beauty. If you notice that a part of the makeup is removed during the day, do not repair it. Tap it out with a matting paper. Remember, the makeup on the beach assists as an interesting detail with your hat or swimsuit. Do not bother to cover all the unperfections, because no one is flawless. Be confident about yourself and your natural look and enjoy in the sun and seawater.

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