Tips from Survival Kit – How to Purify Drinking Water by Yourself?

Tips from Survival Kit – How to Purify Drinking Water by Yourself?

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Drinking water and essential sanitation are basic human rights. Unfortunately, for too many places in the world, those two standards of life represent a luxury, and the lack of them is the cause of enormous health destruction and problems. People who live in big cities and fixed systems are not even aware of the dangers that polluted drinking water can cause. Water-borne infections include contaminated resources, like rivers, lakes, waters infected with germs known as pathogens. When these pathogens – bacteria, viruses, and parasites reach drinking water, causing some of the most severe epidemics in history, Escherichia Coli, Salmonella, Cholera. The struggle to purify drinking water comes from all sides, from global humanitarian operations in the most underdeveloped countries to the domestic use of water for drinking and cooking.

However, there is a lot of situations where you can not rely on the city infrastructure, and I just have to make your own safe resources. Before that, it is necessary to know more about purifying drinking water.

When do you need to purify drinking water?

When traveling, we often find ourselves in an unclear situation, without enough information on the water correctness. Undeveloped countries that have a supply problem but also faraway places, obsolete technology and lack of bottled water are the first indicators to be careful with it.

In cases of any kind of malfunction or worse, natural disasters nearby your home, such as earthquakes, it’s quite possible to get restricted or not at all supplies with correct water for a certain period. You need to buy a packed or find a way to purify one from the pipe.

Water reservoirs in nature can look flawlessly clear. However, best campers and adventurers know that lake or river water is often full of bacteria, and should be avoided. However, if you find yourself in an unavoidable situation, required to use it, it’s wise to learn a few camp tricks on how to purify lake water.

Some periphery households have their own water supply, wells or tanks. Such water may be generally correct; however, this water never passes technological processes for determining correctness, such as those from public procurements. With this home-based system, it’s necessary to have its own filtering method.

Easiest way to purify drinking water

Boiled water

The easiest way to kill a massive number of dangerous bacteria and unwanted organisms is to boil water. So, you can do it either indoors or outdoors. You need one pot and a source of heat. Yet, keep in mind that water will boil at different stadiums, depending on the altitude you are on. Leave it in between 1 and 5 minutes.

Use a bottle with a water purification filter

Many camping and outdoor sports equipment have water bottles with built-in purification filters in their offer. These filters do not use any type of energy and are practical if you stay outdoors for a long time. With this method, you can purify supplies and be safer when you are in the position to get water from local accumulations or sources in the middle of nowhere.

Tablets to purify water

In a place where a local pipeline cannot be obtained, the water is undoubtedly contaminated (mostly freshwater sources such as rivers and lakes), the filter bottles will not be enough. In these circumstances, it is best to have a water purification tablet. These tablets are strong enough to purify drinking water and kill most pathogens.

Also, those who are more often exposed to inadequate water supply sources could invest in some of the solar collectors. They are portable and easy to use. However, to purify one bottle of water, it is necessary to stand on direct exposure to the sun for 6 hours. Dull process.

Another option is to use some of the home chemicals for cleaning. A drop of iodine can help, so as chlorine. However, too much chlorine in drinking water, however, can cause severe health problems.

The best advice is to be well informed about the correctness of drinking water, wherever you are. Local radio stations, news, internet portals, are obliged to provide such reports. While you are at the wild, be doubly cautious and supply yourself with sufficient personal funds. If that’s not the case, you have to lay the basic survival course and learn how to purify drinking water from the worst natural conditions.

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