Tired and Swollen Feet? Refreshing Soak With Mint and Sweet Orange is a Great Solution for Summer Days

Tired and Swollen Feet? Refreshing Soak With Mint and Sweet Orange is a Great Solution for Summer Days

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Tired feet, a special kind of torture

A long summer day in tight shoes is a special kind of torture. Depending on what you do, your feet experience various forms of stress. They can swell, make calluses, or become harsh, unattractive. They can sweat excessively and cause the appearance of unpleasant odors and even fungus. In the end, fresh and comfortable feet are half the rest.

In case you did not know, each leg has more than 100 muscles, tendons, and ligaments. The human foot is made up of precisely 28 bones and 30 joints, coated with these muscles. This perfect system of hundreds of small parts is the mainstay of our strength because it has the task of carrying our body throughout life, literary.

Feet needs relaxation, refreshment, and rest. Have you ever tried a feet soak treatment? This will power up the legs a provide them a beauty to shine. Dipping into the water, essential oils or peeling helps the foot’s skin to remain soft and gentle. Such treatments are used to control fungi and unpleasant odors. In the end, soaking removes the stress that is concentrated in our feet after completing a hard day.

Feet soak treatment can be done at a beauty salon or spa. But why waste time and money if you can make your own bath? If you want to make a natural soak, to make your feet look and feel fabulous, try  DIY soaking preparation. Adjust the ingredients to your needs and to escape the chemicals found in most versions of the similar products.

The best recipe for refreshing feet made of mint and orange

– a quarter of cups of Epsom salt

– a cup of sea salt

– A quarter of a spoon of baking soda

– 8 drops of mint essential oil

– 8 drops of sweet orange essential oil

– 8 drops of tea tree essential oil

– 10 drops of olive leaf extract

– half or a gallon of water

How to prepare it, and how does this soak works?

Put Epsom salt in a large jar and add sea salt and baking soda. Salts work to relieve pain in the feet and as a magnesium-rich detoxifier. In addition to treating inflamed muscles, it helps to suppress dry skin. Sea is an excellent source of alkalization minerals used to relax the body. And the baking soda is naturally soothing to the feet, helping to remove bacteria and odors.

The second part of the preparation includes essential oils. The peppermint essential oil is refreshing and calms the painful muscles, while at the same time, it helps to relieve tension and tension. Next, add a Tea Tree Oil to fight bacteria. It provides relief of the feet by assisting in the treatment of wounds. The essential oil of sweet orange has a beautiful scent, but also feeds the foot skin with a high content of vitamin C, with improved circulation and prevention of infection.

Finally, add an olive leaf extract. An olive leaf extract contains antifungal properties – another excellent source for alleviating the foot and preventing infection.

For use, put the cups of the mixture in warm, but never hot water. Mix, then sink your feet. Place the towel or the soft pad below the bathtub or cup you choose for your spread for the DIY foot to maintain the area without any excess water. Then, wipe me with your DII foot. Gently rinse and dry. Finish by applying moisturizing creams with lavender and coconut oil for dry skin.

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