To Breakfast Or Not To Breakfast – Runners Ask

To Breakfast Or Not To Breakfast – Runners Ask

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How to create a morning routine?

You are very dedicated to everything you do include the morning run. And if it’s hard for you to get out of your cozy bed, put running snickers on your feet and go jogging, until the city is still sleeping, you do not give up on your discipline and your healthy habits. But one question is continually troubling you as most morning runners – Is it okay to eat before the workout?

There are many opinions and expert studies on this topic. It is advisable to indulge in individual feelings and personal habits. However, depending on the intensity of exercise, it is necessary to get acquainted with good and bad combinations of food and running. Several factors affect your running performance.

Different types of running

 People often practice running as one of the most effective exercises on a daily basis. Of those who are professionally doing it to those that little mobility and fresh air are enough.

Dinner and breakfast before the workout

 If you start running for 30 minutes to one hour in the morning, you don’t need carbohydrate intake. If you plan on intensifying training, it is desirable to eat before you leave, a piece of toast or some other light food. When it comes to enthusiasts that move in the early morning hours on long paths, we recommend waking up at least 1.5 hours before training, to have a prescribed calorie intake, which you will spending during the workout.

The evening meal is also an essential factor. If you have dinner early, in the morning your body will require more glucose, and it will be harder to run on an empty stomach. If you eat later in the evening, it means you have entered a certain amount of carbs that will give you strength for morning exercise.

Breakfast after running is required

And if for recreational running the carbs entry before training does not affect too much on efficiency, but the compensation of those after the workout is obligatory.

Do not skip breakfast entirely. Starving will not accelerate the desired effect of exercise, nor is it a way to be fit. Your body and muscles have to recover and get enough carbohydrate and protein. Therefore, plan a meal enriched with these ingredients.

If you are not a morning person and you are not so attractive to food in the early hours, try to make a liquid breakfast – fruit shake or smoothie. Do not forget to hydrate. Water is a source of health and an essential factor in every type of exercise.

Listen to your body and make a plan

The conclusion is that breakfast is an essential item of healthy life. Carefully assess your daily duties and coordinate them with exercise. The practice of training is the balance of physical activity and nutritional value of food, never denial and sacrifice.

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