The Truth About Silicone Containing Hair Products

The Truth About Silicone Containing Hair Products

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Have you seen TV commercials that are telling us about harmful silicone in shampoos? Are they all true? Here’s what you need to know about a plastic polymer.

Your hair passes through harsh damage every day – sun, wind, winter… Okay, add to this a few gray hairs, a dull color, your higher affinity to the curls than the straight hair that nature has given you, and that’s the truth – we take into account the constant – predominantly inevitable daily abuse. We are ready to admit the guilt, and absolutely agree things have to change. But we can not give up all these smart devices for straightening, shaping, curling. Still, there is something we can eliminate – a silicone. Have you recently heard on TV commercials that the shampoos that contain a plastic polymer or silicone, used in everything from preparation to household, are actually damaging to your hair?

However, we have used those kinds of shampoos for decades, among other things with silicone. That’s why we will try to make a comparison and a clear picture of how it contributes to the beautiful and healthy look of your hair and how it can really hurt it.

What is silicone?

Silicone is a very active ingredient that is used in almost all hair care products, and it is based on minerals. Its purpose is to give a smooth, shiny look and make it easy to straighten and shape. However, the term “silicone” may include a large class of materials, different strengths, and effects that are added to the care products.

All “Yes” for silicone

“Silicone can make dry and damaged hair look healthy because it fills porosity – what looks like curls and ends. It protects the hair from the elements, keeping it smooth and glossy so that each layer is waterproof. It also gives a feeling the hair is slippery and wet due to its hydrophobic cover, which is desirable when brushing and drying by blowing.

When to say “No” to silicone

This mineral is in a state almost similar to rubber or plastic. It is mighty for sealing water and air. So with hair, it prevents penetration of the moisture and creates excellent conditions for collecting dirt. SIlikon is not a natural ingredient and can have a lot of side effects for your hair. In fact, the beautiful and glossy look it gets after using it is just an illusion, the current state. For such a glance, the hair must be adequately hydrated and nourished. SIlicone will make the camouflage with an embroidered element that will give it appear healthy and shiny. Prolonged use of silicone products can make hair blurry, lifeless, blunt. Over time, it will dry out the hair because it will not allow it in the regenerator and ends on the surface. Due to the lack of moisture, the hair will become very fragile and could lead to breakage.

If you added a silicone layer to your hair, and you thought that you were protecting it this way, you are wrong. You have soiled your hair and prevented the penetration of essential nutrients, which should feed your hair and make it alive.

Silicone detox – how to wash out silicon from the hair

By nature, many silicones are not soluble in water, or,  they are very hydrophobic. It means they can not be washed easily, leaving the hair heavy and greasy. People with oily hair have the habit of washing and shaping their hair more often. This leads to more damage, which means that these materials do not help to improve the condition of your hair over time – the damage cycle. It is necessary to find a replacement for hydrophobic silicones such as Cyclomethicone, Dimethicone, Methicone, Amodimethicone, Cyclopentasiloxane … Dimethicone is the most abundant and cheapest. Try to avoid it.

Silicone makes the hair heavy, as it adds one more layer and can’t be washed properly. Properly cleaning means removing that layer, which can also make the hair dry and linty. Try the in-depth wash products, and rest your hair from silicone. Never forget to use regenerators or masks that will hydrate and refresh your hairstyle.

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