TV Snacks Don’t Have To Be So Bad

TV Snacks Don’t Have To Be So Bad

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I just want to lie in front of the TV and eat for hours 

 You had a bad day. You cannot wait to come home, soak up, put on a comfortable outfit and lie down in front of the TV. That’s OK; everyone should have days like these.  They can sometimes be our best vacation and distraction from stressful life and problems. Still, you feel biting conscience.

Watching TV is not so sweet if you don’t bring along with you a few bites of snacks, melted cheese, soda, and a couple of treats when you feel overweight with too much salt. And then you come to mind that you are in healthy nutrition regime and you already have used the “Cheating Day” this week. It can capture the experience, the truth. Nevertheless, we may be able to help with the selection of foods that will provide you the same kind of enjoyment, and after which you will not persevere with calories. What’s more, it will contribute to your health.

Ten healthy TV snacks for you

  1. Popcorns – did you know that popcorns contain only 31 calories? If this is your best TV snack buddy, you have won the dilemma! Popcorns can be prepared with the taste of hot peppers or ordinary. They will not give you weight problems, and they are fun, too. Still, control the amount of butter and salt if you want your conscience to remain clean.
  2. Backed pumpkin – this seasonal vegetable is naturally sweet and very tasty. Cut it into pieces. Put it in the oven. You can also add some spices if you want. It’s very healthy, which is the most important thing.
  3. Nuts – contain lots of nutrients, rich in protein and fiber. What is the best thing – they work for you. This food is excellent for reducing body weight.
  4. Pumpkin seeds – a treasure trove of vitamins, magnesium, magnesium, iron … if you skip the intake of these healthy substances during the day, feel free to make up for them. The bonus is that your fingers will have something to do.
  5. Frozen yogurt with blueberries – if you think about ice cream, stop! Here’s a suitable replacement. This fruit yogurt is delicious, it has only 38 calories and is an excellent antioxidant. Win-Win.
  6. Celery or carrot – fresh carrot can be very interesting for nibbling … when you already forced yourself to clean it. You can add some sauce, light cheese, hummus or tzatziki salad; this will enrich your daily dinner and will not add unwanted numbers on your scale.
  7. Apples in the oven – this old-fashion recipe may return you to childhood and your grandmother. Cut apple and sprinkle in the oven. Add some cinnamon. Tricky!
  8. Dark chocolate – has outstanding health performance and is very tasty.
  9. Herbal tea – instead of carbonated juices or alcohol, make a delicate blend of plants, make a cup of tea that will relax you and soothe you.
  10. Fresh or dried fruit – even if many nutritionists do not suggest eating fruit in the late hours, you will still agree that it is better to eat a banana than pizza before sleeping. Teach yourself that you always have fresh fruit on the table.

Pajamas, remote control, and healthcare

We hope you get an idea. Remember, food is a great asset, in possession of all those lucky ones to have it in abundance. You can improvise, combine, try new tastes.

Whether you are horror movies fan, you turned a crime story tv channel on, or you are waiting for the Royal Wedding to watch, take a bowl in one hand, remote control in another, and start enjoying it!

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