Valerian is Not Just For Calm- Numerous Reasons To Use it Every Day

Valerian is Not Just For Calm- Numerous Reasons To Use it Every Day

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Valerian is one of the oldest and still most popular plants used to treat many nervous diseases and disorders. The valerian plant comes from Europe, it can be found in forests, on wet meadows, and with a little care can be grown. It grows to a maximum of up to 1.5 m, has tiny white or pale pink flowers, it is not particularly pleasant smell, and the medicinal part of the plant is the root that takes off in the spring and autumn.

From Headaches to Addiction Problems

The plant of valerian is best known for its soothing effect, and many do not understand that this plant has much broader application.  As for other nervous diseases, it helps with a nerve headache, hypochondria, and hysteria.  A this herb plant is also recommended for the treatment of addiction and is especially useful for quitting smoking. Namely, the tea from the this herb makes the otherwise unpleasant smell of tobacco smoke even more uncomfortable, even stiff smokers who have become accustomed to it. Besides, people who have decided to get rid  of these bad habits helps to cope with the feeling of tension and uncertainty during the period of withdrawal. One of the main advantages of valerian, unlike many other means of tranquility, is that it does not cause dependence.

In addition to the extraordinary calming and relaxing nerves, Valerian has another healing powers-relieves migraine, relieves cramps in the muscles and stomach, acts as an analgesic and helps with menstrual pain, alleviates the symptoms of asthma, lower blood pressure.

In the market, valerian can be purchased in the form of drops, oils, tablets, capsules, and tea. It is understood that it is necessary to comply with the prescribed dosage instructions and how to use it.

Tea Preparation

A small spoon of the valerian root boil for 5 minutes in 2 dl water. The recommended daily dose is 2 to 3 cups during the day, one of which is obligatory in the evening, half an hour before bedtime, which is ideal for treating insomnia.

It should be known that the valerian has a sufficiently strong sedative effect, so it should not be used with other plants of similar impact, nor in combination with synthetic cleansing agents.

How Does the Valerian Work?

Valerian exhibits sedative and spasmolytic effect. It causes a decrease in locomotor activity and aggressive behavior. That’s why is used in case of anxiety, headaches caused by tension, migraine, depression caused by anxiety. Due to its sedative (sleeping) effect, this herb decreases concentration,  so it should not be taken before driving, managing some machines and machines, as well as other actions requiring high concentration. Valerian shows sedative-hypnotic effect, anxiolytic (reduces fears and tension), antidepressant, anticonvulsant and spasmolytic (reduces cramps).

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