Vitamin Supplements – Instant Health Or Misapprehension

Vitamin Supplements – Instant Health Or Misapprehension

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Is Life too fast to be healthy?

We live in a fast world; it’s a fact. In this life race, we often forget about the basic needs and our natural sources of energy. A lot of it is instant, intended for „by the way” use. It’s the same with our health. Only when something is broken, it is overriding our attention. It is incredible the desire of a modern man to seek for a solution that will immediately have the effect and remove all the problems.

So the industry, guided by these lousy human habits, profits to a great extent. More and more products are in the offer to millions of people. If nothing more, they have a psychological effect on us, while there is a much more serious story in the background.

Vitamins and minerals are a source of health, and are they pills?

Vitamins and minerals are an obligation. However, we do not have time to get them into the organism through healthy meals. Therefore, we are subject to different supplements to compensate them. You have the feeling of having a healthy life until you taking them, it’s true. Still, this is not so true.

They can be harmful to your health. Many researchers have confirmed that taking supplements enriched with vitamins and minerals can lead to the onset of phenomena, heart problems, bone issues, and even death. In extensive experiments that last for many years and take a sample of more than tens of thousands of people, it was established that excessive intake of iron or vitamin E could lead even to death.

However, if you have kind of a deficit that causes a dangerous health condition, your doctor may recommend a supplement that will help you. Of course, the rule – as much as better doesn’t work here.

Supplements cannot be the replacement for a balanced diet

 Always keep in mind that they are created for people with already established health problems and are not a fast meal. When talking about food ingredients, you need to know that they work together in your organism and only in combination have a positive effect. The food contains fiber and other healthful nutrients that enhance your immunity, prevent cancer, heart disease and other. No magic pill will compensate for your bad eating habits.

However, in certain conditions, additional intake of some ingredients may be beneficial, such as taking vitamins b12 for the elderly, vitamin D for people who do not have too much sunlight or folic acid that help in pregnancy. Consult your doctor about your needs and at the same time try to compensate for the needed vitamins through a better-balanced diet.

Below, we will advise you which vitamins you should not take without a doctor’s advice:

  1. Vitamin C – most in use as a pyridine supplement. It is a big misconception that the higher the amount of this vitamin from citrus can prevent the leech. No, vitamin C is not a remedy for the cold. It is incredibly healthy but has no magic power. Excessive use can cause stones in the kidney, a very inconvenient and painful problem.
  2. Vitamin A – known as antioxidant but in an inordinate amount can be toxic and cause poisoning. Its high concentration affects vision.
  3. Vitamin E – like vitamin A, is considered an excellent preventive for cancer. However, this is a mistake as confirmed by the latest research. In an overdose, it causes death.
  4. Vitamin B6 – No need to take it as a supplement because it is almost in every food. Abuse of this vitamin can cause loss of control over body movements and nerve damage.
  5. Multivitamins – a specialty of Americans. More than 40% of women in America use this supplement. Unfortunately, the mixture found in it causes an earlier death and many other health problems.

The tip is – slow down. Have time for a decent meal. Do not overly believe in costly commercials and quick solutions. There is no pill that you can take and make you a supernatural being. We hope it never will. Make a balance and listen to your body.

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