Water, Japanese Therapy & Prescription for Health

Water, Japanese Therapy & Prescription for Health

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Water runs our metabolism

 This precious earthly fluid is an essential element of human life. Water makes a higher percentage of our body, and it triggered our metabolism, cleanses the body of toxins and maintains all vital functions.

Many diseases, according to science, are due to the lack of water in the body. Experts, therefore, recommend daily consumption of this liquid – water, in the amount of eight to ten glasses. Another good tip is to drink lukewarm water on an empty stomach, which will be confirmed by any nutritionist or doctor. Cold water, especially after meals, in contact with food in the stomach, makes this food harder and tight for digestion. It leads to many stomach problems, but also to extra pounds.

This good habit will keep balance in your body. Taking enough amount of fluid affects the loss of kilograms, a good condition, but as many studies show, the prevention and treatment of many diseases.

Since ancient times, the Japanese have used lukewarm water as a therapy

The ancient people of Japan have always consumed a couple of cups of lukewarm water. Even today, it is a healthful habit among the Japanese. For therapeutic purposes, they recommend taking water in the morning immediately after waking. This therapy helps to cleanse the body and improve digestive system performance. The recommendation is as follows:

– After waking up, drink four glasses of lukewarm water (who cannot take this quantity let the treatment start with a smaller one and then slowly increase the amount)

– After washing your teeth, do not eat or drink for at least 45 minutes

– In the day, have three meals, breakfast, lunch and dinner, but after each of them, do not eat food or drink for at least 2 hours

Experts advising this therapy believe that it affects already after seven days. In addition to this procedure, one should keep in mind, and they say the following:

– Daily walks for a minimum an hour speeds up metabolism

– Avoid eating and drinking while standing because it affects the digestive system

– Chew the food correctly, as this will significantly impact the digestion process

What are the benefits of water therapy?

Creating an everyday habit of drinking lukewarm water on an empty stomach can only improve general health, work your digestive organs and reduce stress.

Japanese therapy has been shown to work to reduce symptoms in the following diseases: a headache, epilepsy, heart disease, asthma, kidney and biliary disorders, menstrual problems and many other chronic illnesses as well as so-called “modern age” diseases.

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