Weight Loss Pills – Pros and Cons

Weight Loss Pills – Pros and Cons

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There is No Magic Pill

Everything seemed much easier on the TV commercial. A beautiful girl, without an extra pound on her body takes a magic pill, then she eats a burger and still looks like a top model. Forget all this, it’s just an advertising trick. Weight loss pills do not work this way. It’s true, there are several types of medicines that doctors will prescribe to a patient with obesity. This is only in cases where this is required for patient health, and when other methods of weight loss failed. Even then, pills are written alongside a compulsory diet and exercise program. Only that will have the proper effect.

Weight loss pills advertised by magazines and TV commercials can be purchased as supplements, not medications. Therefore, these products are not claimed as medicines, and their effectiveness doesn’t have to be proven. The application is a matter of choice, and the results are subjective. It means they can have an absolutely zero effect, a placebo effect or a drastic change in life – the producer will not take responsibility.

Fat Agents

These weight loss pills are mainly based on some herbal or animal origin nutrients. For example, a lot of them contain chitosan – have a role in tracking and bound fats. The substance is found in a powdered matter of shells. It serves to bind fats and prevent their absorption. However, scientists believe chitosan’s power is insignificant, and its amount in supplements sold as weight loss pills is too small to cause this kind of action.

Different tests show that this nutrient is actually a source of fiber and nothing more. In this light, there are many more natural, fresh sources that will cost you less and have more significant improvement. Also, chitosan will prevent not only the absorption of fat but also vitamin and phytonutrients required for your body. With this reason, weight loss pills with this system are not recommended for use longer than 3 months.

Fat Burners

To be able to burn fats, weight loss pills contain a combination of stimulants derived from plants such as guarana. The mixture is made of elements such as essential fatty acids for example. Such stimulant substances contain caffeine and ephedrine. They provide additional energy when burning fat. In combination with exercise, they give even more results. However, it can cause serious health effects, high blood pressure or heart attack.

Do we need to use weight loss pills?

First, the pills will cost you monthly hundreds of dollars. Their effect is real, but it’s not magical. Nor is it instant. If you swallow a weight loss pill in the evening, you will not wake up in the morning with 10 pounds less. To lose weight, you also need to exercise and reduce fat and sugar from the diet.

Secondly, these pills are made from plant substances synthesized to act quickly and efficiently. That’s not always the case. Their action may be competent on the fat in the body but also will be devastating to other nutrients. You can get all with fresh food. It is healthier, tastier and more effective.

Third, whatever you do, pounds will not melt while you eat ice cream in front of the TV. You need to move. Even the lighter exercise, a walk,  movement, help to burn fat, also promotes weight loss pills to work, if you have decided eventually to use them.

Weight loss pills are a pharmacological sphere that improves and changes every day. There are a lot of products that have proven to be excellent in weight loss. However, these medications or supplements should be a doctor’s recommendation and taking those in line with other lifestyle habits. In the end, the most important thing – it is necessary to be in excellent health condition in general, to be able to choose this method of losing weight.

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