What is Diabetes?

What is Diabetes?

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It is probably the most prevalent metabolic problems in the world. It occurs during the disbalance in the body, and the body is unable to produce the necessary insulin or inadequately acting on insulin. In this process, the blood sugar level increases.

The patterns of diabetes are different, stress, genetic, occurrence during pregnancy.

Symptoms that are typical of this disorder are excessive fainting and urinating, sudden obesity or inappropriate weight loss, sweating, fatigue, severe healing of the wound, and for men it can lead to sexual dysfunction.

There are more types of this disorder – diabetes 1 when the body does not produce necessary insulin; diabetes 2 when there is insulin, but does organism can’t use it adequately and at the required dose. Gestational diabetes occurs during pregnancy in women.

What is Okra and how does it help with diabetes?

This plant, in fact, its seed, is rich in diathetic fibers, vitamins B and C, potassium, calcium and folic acid; Regulate the blood sugar level and is very often used in diets and diabetics special diets. There are also many benefits there when the symptoms of this state of health are at stake. It is also an antioxidant, and it also reduces stress, but it also reduces cholesterol significantly. It stimulates wound healing and reduces fatigue.

Uses and effects

Following all medicinal properties, this plant has been in the service of alternative medicine, medical preparations and nutrition plans for a long time. It is in use in several variants, from synthesized pills to drinking water.

Here are some ways you can refine your diet with the Okra:

1.Okra water

Preparation and Usage: Clean and remove the tops of 4-5 pots. Cut them in half and then put everything in a large jar. Pour water into the jar. Leave overnight. In the morning, squeeze the beans in the water a little bit and remove them. The liquid obtained is for consumption.

It is best to drink water on an empty stomach in the morning.

Effects: Helps regulate blood sugar levels

2.The Okra can also be in pill form, such as:

* Okra squash 90 tablets;

*Okra 400 mg

Usage: In both cases, take one pill with a glass of water before meals; Maximum four times a day.

Effects: In addition to occlusion, the pills contain magnesium, calcium and some other plant extracts. They are rich in degradable and non-degradable fibers and affect the level of blood sugar.

3.Okra Peel and semen powder

Preparation and use: Slice 4-5 beans and prepare them with the aid of lemon juice. Consume half a tablespoon of the mixture daily. When it comes to seed, it is necessary to separate it from the bean and dry it. Use up to 5g of seeds per day.

Effect: lowering blood sugar level

Note: Avoid using Okra if you are already taking insulin or metformin. It is not recommended for people with kidney disease. If you have any unpleasant effects, contact your doctor.

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