What’s Female Sexual Dysfunction and How to Treat It?

What’s Female Sexual Dysfunction and How to Treat It?

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Sexual dysfunction is the most prevalent group of sexual disorders characterized by interruptions in physical function and difficulties in intimate intercourse. They can exist from the very beginning of sexual activity when they are called primary, to appear at one point in life after a period of successful intimate functioning when they are called acquired or secondary, to report in specific circumstances and situations, and finally to be general and do not depend on the circumstances in which sexual activity takes place, or even from a particular partner and its characteristics. It is fundamental to emphasize the point that dysfunctional sexual behavior is experienced very painfully, endangering the happiness and satisfaction and significantly influencing the quality of life of such a person.

Intimate Problems Get Worse Over the Years

Sherry A. Ross, the gynecologist from Los Angeles, did the research which showed that 43 percent of women have some difficulties with intimate relationships and sex, and 12 percent of women consider personal pain a reason for these difficulties. “Unfortunately, problems have only aggravated years and reach their peak in women aged between 45 and 64,” says Ross. “These problems for most of the desires are resolute, and it is important that women talk about their feelings and concerns with their doctor.”

She states that for years he perpetuates ‘sexual injuries’ when it comes to issues of sex and intimacy. In short, women’s problems are largely ignored. “Currently, there are 26 erectile dysfunction drugs in men and none for women. Obviously, a little attention is given to women’s concerns over sex, except for those concerning reproduction, “explained Ross.

The gynecologist explained why some women may never experience orgasm and why it is so. “During 25 years of professional work I met a few women in the 30s, 40s, and 50s who never had an orgasm. Indeed, 10 to 20 percent of all women have never experienced orgasm”.  Ross says that there is not enough talk about sex, and even with doctors, it means that 65 percent of women are ashamed to say the vagina at all. ‘A little less than half the women about her vagina are not talking to anyone, even with their doctor,’ Ross added.

Depression, Poor Libido or Some Medical Condition Can Lead to Dysfunction

The five significant problems affect this kind of dysfunction: poor libido or disorder of hypoactive desire, painful sex, sexual arousal disorder, aversion to sex and the inability to reach an orgasm.

Hypoactive sexual desire, the most common form of female sexual dysfunction, is characterized by a complete lack of desire for sex.

For 16 million women who suffer from this disorder, there is no obvious solution. Factors that affect female sexual desire begin in the brain, not under the waist. Everyday stresses that produce work, money, children, relationships, and reduced energy often contribute to the erosion of libido, “explains Ross.

Sexual desire in women can reduce depression, anxiety, lack of privacy, side effects of drugs, diseases such as arthritis and endometriosis, medical conditions such as menopause and the history of physical abuse.

Change Your Lifestyle

Time for relaxation. You have to find ways to decrease stress and allow yourself to relax from everyday problems so you can enhance your ability to focus on your sexual experiences.

Communicate with your partner. You should have an open approach to intimacy with your partner.

Physical activity. Running, aerobic, walking can increase your stamina and improve your body image, which will boost your mood and make you feel more romantic.

Yoga. Controlled breathing exercises you practice through yoga can promote a flexible body and a calm mind. Yoga can aim to channel the sexual energy of your body, and they will improve the sexual functioning.

Avoid smoke and alcohol. The cigarettes can restrict the blood flow throughout the body, and less blood will reach your sexual organs and decrease sexual arousal. On the other side, alcohol can blunt sexuality.

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