Wild Oregano Oil- The Strongest Natural Antibiotic and Antiseptic

Wild Oregano Oil- The Strongest Natural Antibiotic and Antiseptic

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Oregano Oil

Although pharmacy has progressed to such a great extent, people are becoming more and more proponents of natural remedies to protect their organism from the harmful effects of chemicals. So, they are turning to traditional and natural resources, plants and potions their grandmother used to make. Wild oregano oil is a natural remedy for various health problems for centuries. His medicinal properties were known at the time of ancient Greeks, and it is known that Hippocrates was used as an antiseptic. This oil is one of the most powerful natural antibiotics, but due to its strength, it is necessary to take into account the amount, and it must always be mixed with other edible oils.

Successfully fights bacterial and fungal infections

Many studies have shown that oregano oil has strong antibacterial properties and successfully fights 30 of known bacteria, including E.coli, which causes many health problems to many. Equally successful helps with other bacterial diseases. It is often used in the fight against fungi on nails and healthy feet. When used outside, it must be mixed with other edible oils.

Magnesium, zinc, vitamins C and E, iron, manganese are all nutrients contained in oregano oil.

Relieves menstrual problems

It is traditionally used against painful and irregular periods. Stimulates the flow of blood and contraction of the uterus, which is why it is not recommended for pregnant women.

Protect against cardiovascular diseases

Thanks to its powerful antioxidant properties it protects the heart and veins from harm caused by free radicals. It reduces bad cholesterol and prevents fat deposits in the body.

Helps in digestion problems

Without proper digestion there is no good health, and oregano oil improves the flow of bile and therefore promotes digestion. It reduces gases and regulates gastric acids.

Mitigates the effects of skin diseases

Many people have found salvation from psoriasis and eczema in this oil. When it comes to skin diseases, this oil is mixed with jojoba oil or olive oil, such a combination will lubricate skin changes.

Relieves respiratory problems

Effective against bronchitis, asthma and breathing problems caused by colds. It has a mild sedative effect in allergic respiratory problems and alleviates the body’s reaction to allergens. Wild oregano oil can be used in a mixture with water – only a couple of drops. Also, it can be put into the hot water for inhalation, to get through the respiratory ways. Because it is so potent, oregano oil it is always in use with some other, more tender herbal oils.

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