Wireless Radiation Affects Human Health- Use Mobile Phones, Laptops, and Routers Correctly

Wireless Radiation Affects Human Health- Use Mobile Phones, Laptops, and Routers Correctly

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Technological Revolution and Our Health

Mobile phones, internet routers, tablets … Accelerated development of technology has made life more comfortable, but it has also brought fears of possible harmfulness – radiation.  Scientists explain all unwanted consequences for human health that lead to the excessive use of smartphones, wireless modems, and other devices.

New technological achievements often have the other side of the medal- environmental pollution. Particular attention is drawn to “invisible pollution,” and that is non-ionizing radiation. Unlike ionizing, radioactive radiation is drastically more dangerous, non-ionizing substances do not have enough energy to trigger the ionization process in living tissues.

The technological revolution has brought us many benefits in life, especially business. One of the benefits is WiFi networks, which are all around us and enable us to use the Internet without the cable on mobile phones, tablets, and laptops. However, this is not good for your health.

How Human Body Feel The Influence of Radiation

A man doesn’t possess senses to detect non-ionizing radiation. In the integral electromagnetic spectrum of non-ionizing radiation, ultraviolet (UV), infrared (IC), and radiofrequency radiation (RF), as well as electric and magnetic fields of extremely low frequencies, are included. The answer to the question of how to protect itself from excessive exposure to this radiation will become more and more important in time. Symptoms as the reaction of the human organism to the electric and magnetic fields are a headache, sleep disturbance and fatigue. It is essential to underline the fact that eminent scientists and experts around the world have opposing views on the impact of electric and magnetic fields on the human organism. Some studies show that long-term exposure to waves generated by routers can cause brain damage, memory loss, and even tumors. Wi-fi contributes to insomnia, hampers growth and development of children, damages cognitive functions and can damage plant cells. Also, it reduces the number of spermatozoa, can cause infertility, cardiovascular stress, headaches, and migraines. The WHO International Agency for Research on Cancer has classified RF radiation as a severe health risk and belongs to the same category as tobacco, asbestos, and benzene.

How To Avoid Unwanted Effects of The WiFi Radiation

By using the router correctly, there can be a great reduce the harmfulness of electromagnetic waves to your body. So, turn off WiFi when not in use, be sure to check that all devices are disconnected from the WiFi network before sleeping, avoid routing your kitchen or bedroom and replace home cordless telephones with cable because they also emit electromagnetic waves.

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