Wrinkles Can Reveal the Character of a Person

Wrinkles Can Reveal the Character of a Person

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If you are too worried, stressed, or your diet is not balanced, all of this can be seen on your face. Wrinkles are traces of experience, wisdom, and life. Every new line testifies about our age but clearly reveal our character, destiny, health, as well as whether we are destined for success and for what we are talented. These are the basics of physiognomy, the science of the face, which they first began to study and use ancient Chinese thoroughly.

Why Wrinkles Appear?

As we age, the substances that keep the skin smooth, begin to disappear. These are collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid. In the skin of young people, the proper arrangement of layers of tissue, rich in collagen and elastin make skin fold. Over time, internal aging processes predetermined by our genetics combined with oxidative stress induced by external factors, such as exposure to the sun, start to influence how our skin looks. The annual decrease in collagen content of 1% and the disorder of the organization of dermis cause loss of skin firmness and the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Another critical factor in the formation of wrinkles is the decline in hyaluronic acid synthesis. This binding substance that surrounds the cells gives the skin a youthful look.

What Affects the Appearance of Wrinkles?

They are an unavoidable part of aging, but there are internal and external factors that can accelerate their formation.

Exposure to sun rays. If the skin is unprotected in the sun, UV rays can contribute to the appearance of wrinkles. Prolonged and repeated exposure to the sun damages the collagen and leads to the nonelastic, weaker skin structure, where wrinkles become more pronounced.

Smoking. The trigger for oxidative stress is smoking, which liberates the free radicals, which further damage the structure of the skin and contribute to the development of signs of general aging, including wrinkles. Besides, nicotine and chemicals from cigarettes damage collagen and elastin in the skin. This affects strength and elasticity and can cause wrinkles.

Dry skin condition for years. A common sign of aging is dry skin conditioned for years. As a result of the decrease in skin functions, mature skin becomes significantly dull and rough, and itching can occur.

Every Wrinkle Has a Meaning

Forehead. Horizontal wrinkles pose too much concern, and in young people, they can point out excessive consumption of sugar, dairy products, plant and animal oils or fats. Those two vertical lines between the eyebrows indicate anger or suppressed anger, which can be expressed by impatience, frustration and/or boredom. If these wrinkles fall downward, toward the root of the nose, they can mean worry and excessive concentration.

Faces. Vertical lines on the cheeks are a sign of significant and continuous stress. Nasolabial wrinkles are lines of life meaning or purpose and show how long you really live in real life. If you are too young and you do not have even 50, maybe it’s time to “cleanse” life from belief and ideas, but also the time for detoxification because this area is linked to a large intestine.

Lips. Slight vertical lines above the upper lip pose exaggerated care – it’s time to start tuning yourself. Often they are accompanied by tiny pores of “disappointment” that are lowered from the corner of the lips to the jaw. The small vertical lines that lie beneath the lower lips signify exhaustion and dissatisfaction with life.

Chin. Vertical lines on the chin are hardly noticeable in younger people and are associated with (rational or irrational) fears. Often the skin in this area takes on the appearance of orange peel.

Eyes. Wrinkles who, from the outer corner of the eye in the harbor, “climb” upwards, speak of happiness and joy, and those who fall towards the cheeks and/or even lower, on the cheeks, are a sign of suffering, sadness, and sorrow.

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