Yoga for Better Body Posture

Yoga for Better Body Posture

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Good body posture is half of a good look. When you stand right, walk and sit right, your body gets a better shape, looks slimmer and more proportional, without a hump on your back and belly that you want to hide so badly. However, it is not easy to hold the body properly all day long. Some people are just such, thanks to good habits, regular exercise, genetics, or just pay attention. You are not doing the best for you since you are working at the desk  all day long, and when traveling home by crowdy metro, you are standing at one leg. Return from the market mostly overburdened with heavy bags. Like life won’t let you stand right and look good. But, there is an effortless way by practicing a basic yoga poses, and a little by little to see the improvement, taking your spine finally having the position you want.

You can practice basic Yoga poses for a better body posture every day. It will not only be good for your body and your spine, but it will also help you relax and rest your mind.

Basic Mountain Pose

This is the starting point and perhaps the most simple when yoga is concerned. However, it can contribute to a good posture more than you think. How it is performed: standing position, feet are on the ground in the width of the hips. Slightly bend your knees. The body is in the right place. Keep breathing. Keep the balance and proper body form.


Lie on the floor, on the abdomen. While the legs, thighs, and hips remain not separate from the floor, place the elbows parallel to the ribs and gently lift up the upper part of the body. With your hands, push your thorax, neck and all the way back, with deep sighs. Hold down to five, then slowly return to the starting position, all the way to the floor. Repeat several times.

Tree poses

In this part of your yoga training, set the body the same as in the first position. The next thing to do is to practice balance and how to stand on one foot. When the body is correctly positioned, bend one leg and attach it for the side of the other knee awhile the arms that are extended move smoothly over the head in the form of a bud. With this movement, breathe deeply. This yoga pose will give you a better balance, symmetry and proper body posture.

Cow Face Arms

A strange name for a very useful yoga pose that has been accepted by many fitness professionals. It will help you to stretch, strengthen the triceps while simultaneously extending and add agility to your shoulders.

Sit on the floor with crossed legs. One hand bent over your head, so that the elbow goes high, and hand down to the back. The other hand goes from the side, next to the ribs, to the back. Try to touch your hands. If you are not stretched enough, use a ribbon or a towel that you will hold in your hand above your head, and try to grab it with another.

Yoga is powerful. Repeating these yoga poses every day, you not only become more flexible and mobile but will also strengthen your muscles. And the stronger muscles help to keep the spine and body well. So you will look better, you will not getting tire of proper posture, and above all, you will prevent some severe damage to the spine that poor posture can cause.

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