You Can See It Coming: Yes, Single for Valentine’s Day, But Give Yourself Some Love and Nice Gifts

You Can See It Coming: Yes, Single for Valentine’s Day, But Give Yourself Some Love and Nice Gifts

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Valentine’s Day is a showcase of love, for those who are happily in it. But, lots of people find this date more than disturbing, considering they are surrounded by the pink- colored, glittering heart-shaped stuff, flowers and trite quotes about love knowing there is no one to share all this with. Meet the half of the planet – the single ones.

But even if you are not in a relationship at the moment, doesn’t mean you should crawl into your hole on Valentine’s Day. Nope, you can still show some love, to yourself. So, go buy something nice, a perfume or concert tickets for your favorite band. Treat yourself for Valentine’s. For those who have recently come out of a romantic relationship, this day can serve as a celebration of new-found freedom, while those who complain they have no partner Valentine’s Day do not have to pass in sorrow and loneliness.

Be aware, single life provides many benefits that you will be glad to recall later when you are under the impression of compromise and living in two. Be proud of the fact that you are self-sufficient enough to be happy and alone, not just for Valentine’s but generally. It is enough just to look around and watch people who are lonely and unhappy even though they are in a relationship. While you are left alone, you know that nobody can object to you, as you do not have to justify to others. Go outside, stay up early in the morning and have fun with friends. In short – enjoy absolute freedom.

Give yourself love

Valentine’s Day is dedicated to expressing love so why don’t you give it to yourself? Buy a favorite perfume or concert tickets which you wanted so much to go to. It’s important to find a way to please yourself, and it can help you read a book, plant flowers, draw, or whatever relaxes and fills you. Look at Valentine’s Day as it is a national holiday, the time when you deserve to do something good and quality for yourself.

Assemble other loners

Do you have more single friends? Join forces with them. Organize a  dinner party with plenty of food and good wine or a thematic gathering where you can play fun games and laugh. To make you feel better, you can talk about fun occurrences from situations with your former partners, which is why you are glad today that you are alone.

Guidelines for ladies

If you spend the evening alone, arm yourself with your favorite sweets and drinks, but do not even think about watching romantic movies. Choose some drama, comedy, even a horror movie.

What can men do?

A lot. It does not mean guys don’t have feelings like girls. They can feel quite lonely, too. Order pizza, invite your friends and stay in front of the TV with the match of your favorite basketball club. Watch Super Bawl review, it is always exciting to make fun of them. Sports evening will be a real party. Or maybe a Sony PlayStation night with your homies. Just remember, if you’ we been in a relationship at the moment, you would watch a romantic movie. So be thankful, at least, just for this year.

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