9 Nutriments We Should Take Every Day

9 Nutriments We Should Take Every Day

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Whoever has been trying to choose a healthy diet and cure for certain diseases or to lose some weight is familiar with the top healthy nutriments such as beans, salmon, almonds, broccoli, etc. But, there are also those worth mentioning because they contain vitamins and ingredients beneficial to our mental and physical wellbeing.

You certainly know to what extent some of them are rich in nutrients and vital for our health, but somehow you miss the opportunity to have them on your plate. Some of them may indeed be the ideal element for fulfilling your diet plan which can prevent cancer and other illnesses alike.

At least include some nutriments in your meals regularly.


When it comes to following the rules in diet and leading a healthy life, broccoli would be the grocery of the highest priority. But, its relative cauliflower deserves equal attention and value. It is nourishment rich in vitamin C and fibers and contains a natural plant chemical known as sulforaphane. The compound is said to help in the prevention of cancer, according to the tests done in animals. Of course, the primary trigger for cancer is stress but you start with things that are possible to control, and one of them certainly would be food.


These tiny fish are a good source of omega-3 fatty acids and a great source of vitamin B12. They are the perfect protein source as well if you seek a substitute for meat and they have high nutritional value. The fish also contain vitamin D, the vitamin essential for the strength of our bones along with calcium.


Just like tofu, tempeh is, as well, made of soybeans and it is rich with nutrients such as potassium, calcium, and it is a staple source of protein. So, next time instead of tofu, you can place some tempeh in your regular meals.


You might be frowning at the thought of this root vegetable, but the benefits it provides are priceless. Even though they look rough on the outside, the taste you get when you cook them is sweet and soft. They are known as natural antioxidants which you can put on your list of top nutriments in a fight against cancer and similar diseases. The juice of the beet is high in nitrates, thus helping to reduce high blood pressure and improve the blood flowing to the brain. One of the facts you might not know is that it also helps with hair loss, influencing new hair to grow if you drink it regularly.


There are a variety of the manners that this veggie can be prepared, eating the leaves as well as the heart. Being rich in fiber, but not in calories, one whole artichoke has about 60 calories and nearly no fat so you can enjoy this veggie fully. It will undoubtedly load you so you won’t reach for nutriments that are higher in fat.


Being a source of fermented milk, it is also a staple drink for inner balance and a source of having a good bacteria known as probiotics. Some studies claim that it should be included in the anti-inflammatory diet as well as in anti-cancer, too, for it is widely known to be the natural source of eternal youthfulness.


Except for the fact that prunes are one of the basic foods you need to use when having digestive issues, they are also rich in fibers and antioxidants. You should definitely use a recommended dose you need a day, which is a quarter-cup having 104 calories and 12% of the fibers. You can eat them in a diversity of manners, as fresh, add them to cakes and other baked goods, or involve them in smoothies, muesli, and cereal, but they are also commonly used in stews.


Even though they are not as popular and used as beans, but it is important to point out the benefits we get from this healthy food. You can use them as a substitute for meat in cooking, such as in soups and stews, and there is no necessity for soaking before the very cooking. When used as a substitute for meat, be aware of the fact that they are very rich in protein and fiber containing a lot less fat, which is a good thing.


If you are into sushi, you must be familiar with this algae family. You should definitely try it because it is high in many vitamins and minerals, particularly iron and calcium, taking in nutrients from the sea. Besides, it is a good choice of protein and the one containing lower fat.

You must have surely fallen for at least one of the foods mentioned above! Don’t forget all the beneficial effects they have to offer and if you are creative enough, you can make your food super delicious even with the food that doesn’t sound so tasty.

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