Antibiotics in Meat- Lower Prices, More Buyers and A Many Health Issues

Antibiotics in Meat- Lower Prices, More Buyers and A Many Health Issues

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Food is a topic we like to talk about because we really enjoy eating. Accordingly, we are increasingly interested in the way we eat a specific food. We prefer nutrition of domestic origin, but despite this, we do not always buy what is organic and healthy. Often, manufacturers emphasize that their products are entirely safe and optimal nutritional properties, although this is not wholly true. Sometimes we don’t have all the information about the food we buy, like the fact about the antibiotics in the meat we eat, and for us, as consumers, it is essential to understand what is the key, most important to our health.

Eat the tested products

Data on the usage of antibiotics in poultry rising is a good indicator of the techniques practiced in animal breeding. The worse practice of cultivation is the higher consumption, emphasize agro-economists. Unfortunately, the use of antibiotics is widespread.  Meat nutrition that contains large amounts of antibiotics is disapproved in professional, especially doctors’ circles. A greater share of such meat in the human diet leads to the risk of becoming antibiotic-resistant. The use of antibiotics without control over cattle and livestock production could kill nearly 10 million people within the next three decades, according to the Global Consumer Association.

Cheap meat-more customers

Low meat prices are a sure way to the buyer, so some manufacturers abuse antibiotics to get as cheap a product as possible. Meat is less expensive if there are lower costs of breeding. This often involves an intensive production focused exclusively on cost reduction, especially at the input of raw materials, the use of inadequate substitute raw materials, the use of aggressive technological processes, the use of many additives and growth hormones, and a higher percentage of fat than needed and excess water in products.

Read the declarations

The best protection against the harmful effects of antibiotics and other drugs that can be abused in breeding is buying meat from controlled and safe sources. It is extremely important that consumers are informed of all the relevant technological procedures applied by the meat breeder. Buying from a manufacturer that has a vertically integrated production process is always better than those that only deal with partial production and which do not have full control over the entire life cycle of an animal. Also, buying from suspicious channels where meat is placed, and it is not possible to determine origin is a serious safety risk for the health of consumers. It is necessary that every product is completely and correctly declared and put on the market by a credible and responsible manufacturer.

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