Avoid Genetically Modified Foods – GMOs Foods

Avoid Genetically Modified Foods – GMOs Foods

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Genetically-modified organisms, or so-called GMOs, are one of the most highly-discussed topics today. The issue is the safety and future of our food supply. GMOs foods are plant or meat products with DNA that artificially altered in a laboratory by genes from other plants, animals, viruses, or bacterias. It is everywhere in our supply chain today. According to some researchers, 80% of all conventional, processed food contains some form of GMOs.

Some people actually believe that GMOs help to feed world hunger. And some people disagree with this theory. According to studies of experts GMOs foods increase allergies, organ toxicity, hormonal disruption and even leads to some other health problems.

If you want to avoid GMO foods and even to eradicate them for good, there is a way, and we are going to present you some steps that you can take to avoid consuming GMOs foods. It depends on you, and the choice is yours. So, if you want to consume GMOs, that’s on you. Keep in mind that going non-GMO ain’t easy.

Let see what we can do to avoid GMO and find non- GMO sources

First, pay attention to labels and read your labels CAREFULLY. Choose products verified by NON-GMO project and buy food labeled as “100% organic”. Then, buy 100% organic eggs that state “from 100% organic feed.” Buy 100% organic dairy products, or European products from Switzerland and Greece that are 100% non-GMO.

Avoid processed and packaged foods.

Try to consume lots of fruits and veggies. Conventional produce is pretty much safe from GMOs except for corn, beets, zucchini, summer squash and Hawaiian papaya.

Buy ONLY organic grains, nuts and seeds and invest in good quality, 100% organic butter, eggs, and chicken. You can also buy cases of coconuts and use the juice, pulp, and fat for a variety of recipes.

Surprisingly safe foods, or non- GMO, are tomatoes, potatoes, and wheat, so you can consume them as much as you want. These foods are relatively safe, but of course, organic is better to be sure.

And now let see, what about eating out?

It is not that not easy to avoid GMOs when you are eating out unless you go to a place committed to serving organic foods. Italian, Middle Eastern and Mediterranean restaurants are, let say, the safest due to their reliance on olive oil.

Some non-GMO safe foods at most restaurants are fruit and cheese plate, potatoes, tomatoes, and also most salads if the restaurant uses real olive oil, then wild seafood/fish, or pasta dish with fresh vegetables and olive oil and herbs.

Always pay attention to labels and choose to buy and eat healthy and organic food.

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