Breakfast Cereals and All the Truths About Them

Breakfast Cereals and All the Truths About Them

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Cold cereals are one of the most popular breakfast choices in the Western world. A traditional morning meal combined with milk, yogurt, nuts or fruit has always been presented as the healthiest option you can offer your family. There is considerable controversy today, about whether cereals should be the main breakfast, especially upon children. Perhaps, we were living in misleading thoughts that cereals are remarkably healthy? Is it a matter of revealing great truth now, or just, promoting new trends in nutrition? Let’s look a little closer.

How are the breakfast cereals made?

First, the cereals we buy in the stores are made of refined grains, by the process called extrusion. In addition to being highly processed, many other substances, like vitamins and minerals are added. Worst of all, they are filled with sugar and artificial carbohydrates, which makes them tempted bombs, far from a healthy breakfast.

The breakfast cereals making process looks like this: First, we must get a fine flour from the grains, then mix it with sugar, cocoa, water, and some other ingredients, often artificial. This mixture enters the process of extrusion, at an extremely high temperature, where machine forms the cereals. Drying and shaping process is next moves. For a more attractive look and children attention, they come in a heart-shape, stars, letters, balls. Very often manufacturers put a chocolate glaze over them.

The conclusion is – with the natural grains that we expect in a box of cereals, we buy a lot of carbs and artificial flavors. Sugar is usually listed as the second ingredient in cereals. The presence of sugar in breakfast, especially in children, can lead to serious health problems, such as diabetes, obesity, high cholesterol, and even cancer.

The mischief you can read on a box of your favorite cereals

Producers of processed foods are real marketing magicians. For decades, the experience of attracting demand for their products has taught them to get close to their customers, especially children. Often, cereal producers use favorite cartoons, action figures, gift toys, and even bright colors that paint foods in order to attract the youngest consumers. Children replace breakfast for fun, and parents are happy because  kids eat with no problem.

On the other hand, parents themselves are often confused after reading the declaration of a healthy product on a box. Manufacturers do not lie. They only account for half the truth. The truth is, the grain box contains some grain of some grain in some quantity, but this does not mean that the whole product is actually healthy. With the nature of the ingredients, always read what the box contains and can be harmful to the health of your family. The box is full of refined sugar. Avoid it.

Learn the reading technique of the cereal box

Nobody will tell you to give up your habits or your favorite food. Still, be smarter, and try to decide for yourself how much harmful substances to bring into your body, even more, how much you will give to your children.

Cereal boxes are one high intelligence. Learn to read them. Always pay attention to the first two or three ingredients, because they have the most significant percentage. Check the declaration on how much sugar is contained. Do not get fooled, the manufacturers often present it in the table under a variety of different names, so it looks less harmful. When buying cereals, choose those that contain at least some fiber, which is necessary for your organism.

In the end, be careful with portions. Don’t need a mathematical analysis of calories and carbs, but be aware that breakfast cereals are not precisely the same as a salad.

Wise advice – make yourself a similar meal for breakfast that will not contain processed substances. For example, oatmeal is the right choice. Combine it with wine, nuts, Greek yogurt or milk. In this way, you will exclude unhealthy stuff and still get great nutrients, above all fiber and protein, necessary for the upcoming day.

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