What Causes Fatty Liver? Symptoms, Treatment and a Couple of Home Therapy Tips

What Causes Fatty Liver? Symptoms, Treatment and a Couple of Home Therapy Tips

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Fatty Liver

The fatty liver is not on the list of “not- so- scary” diseases. This condition is not good news, no matter in what form it comes. It occurs when too much fat is accumulated in the liver, as the name says. It is mostly associated with the addiction – alcoholism that is one of the leading causes of the occurrence. ALD or alcoholic fatty liver is just a part of the ugly reality because it can develop even in people who have never consumed a drink in their lives (NAFLD). Medicine warns that fatty liver is a consequence of obesity, higher levels of iron in the body and in patients with hepatitis C. Unfortunately, the risk group includes people with diabetes and autoimmune diseases.

Indicators and treatment of fatty liver

Identifying early signs and symptoms of fatty liver is necessary. In the initial stage of disease development, there are no visible symptoms. It is possible to detect it through routine medical examinations, where the doctor could spot a change in the form of liver enlargement. In the following stages, the sufferers feel the loss of appetite, loss of body weight, fatigue and pain in the abdomen.

Worst of all, no medicine or surgery will make things the better. Once discovered, a person must live with a fatty liver, which brings his general health at significant risk.

However, if the symptoms of fatty liver are spotted on time, and if the patient takes this problem seriously, it is possible to minimize its existence and live a normal life. Many natural products, foods, and habits will lead to great relief. At the start, people with the alcoholic fatty liver disease should stop drinking alcohol. Healthy nutrition and the maintenance of cholesterol and blood sugar in normal can lead to an improvement.

A couple of tricks for clearing the liver

It is necessary to cleanse the body from toxins so the liver can do its job the better. This applies not only to fat-liver patients but to all people who, for their general health, should take into account the following few prepared home remedies:

– Lemonade is a great antioxidant. Squeeze half a lemon into the glass of water, and this refreshing drink can be consumed several times a day;

– Green Tea is one of our favorite beverages while helping to reduce fatty liver, and it also affects other factors that trigger this disease, such as obesity.

– Turmeric milk is preferably consumed immediately before bedtime. This beverage should contain half a spun of turmeric in milk, and is a great home remedy for fatty liver.

– Garlic, in addition to the fact that natural antibiotics, contains a massive amount of minerals and vitamins that release the enzymes necessary for detoxification and cleansing the liver. It contains selenium, essential for the healthy functioning of the liver.

Get started with good habits. First, eliminate alcohol and toxic food from your life. Processed foods cause the highest number of modern illnesses and the actual chain reaction between obesity, high cholesterol, and liver damage. Instead, enter the daily amount of potassium that you can find in bananas, spinach, beans.  Get some vegetable rich in fiber, which will stimulate liver enzymes and combat disease. For those healthy nutrients that you cannot bring enough with food, consult your doctor or nutritionist. They can recommend right supplements that will relieve the symptoms of fatty liver and allow this organ to function properly.

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