Dry Fruits For The Finest Homemade Tea

Dry Fruits For The Finest Homemade Tea

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Wonderful Smell and Taste In Which You Will Enjoy The Whole Winter

Drying of fresh fruits and vegetables is one of the oldest and simplest ways to keep food for the winter. Still, in the Stone Age, people discovered the value of dry fruit, figs, plums, pears, cherries, apples and grapes. Dried berries are a great addition to salads, cakes or pastes, and apple chips are a favorite healthy snack. Dried fruits can also make a delicious tea.

In the autumn, tea becomes an increasingly common choice. If you like natural flavors, you can prepare it from the fruits of your choice. This is not an ordinary tea that comes from filter bags but made of organic grains. Therefore, the tea consist of everything that fruits release and when is consumed, you can eat the rest of the fruit, so it produces a double effect. These kinds of tea brings better quality sleep, have antistress properties, lift immunity, lower blood pressure.

Drying Rules for Different Fruits

You don’t have to remove the peel because after drying it keeps the scents, vitamins, and acids, as well as all other nutrients that are fresh. Often just a crust is a choice for drying and is used as a vitamin supplement with different kinds of tea.  If you drip your peel separately, after washing it and peeling it, slice it into small pieces. Spread it on a backing of paper, canvas or wood and dry in a bright but chilly room. After a few days of drying outdoors, dip it in the oven, heated at a lower temperature. It would be good to leave off and open oven due to air flow. Most fruits and vegetables before drying should be briefly immersed in boiling water or cooked briefly on steam. This prevents spoilage of fruit and speeds drying. This will also prevent the fruit from becoming too dark. After little cooking, fry the fruit and leave it on the board, on a platter over which you have transferred a clean cloth or on a baking sheet. You can leave it in the oven, or dry in the air. Our grandmothers used to dry on a wood stove an the house smells of fruits and autumn. If you drain the apples, let them be sour. They give more intense taste. They overlooked, and sweet are not best for drying. Apart from apples, dried and quince, the feeling of this mixture will delight you. They’re great as snacks too.

Dry plums are good because they made healthy digestion teas. They are also delicious for nibbling, and they are unavoidable during Christmas holidays when they must dress up in the days of fasting. Choose ripe plums, in this case, they dry better. And they have more sugar, so they are tastier. Dry them with skins outside in a mild sun. If you dry them in the oven, start at a lower temperature, and increase the heat to 70 degrees.

You can also dry berries, vegetables, and spices. Nothing sweeter than the teas you made and made out of the ingredients you dried yourself.

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