Have You Ever Tried a Lavender Lemonade? Natural Way to Treat Headache and Stress

Have You Ever Tried a Lavender Lemonade? Natural Way to Treat Headache and Stress

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How to deal with a common daily stress?

How are you dealing with stress and headache these days? Are you looking for help in cigarettes, whiskey, tablets? Would you rather pack your bags and get lost from city noise and nervousness? Headache has become a virtual illness of all of us in the last decade, and stress is something we wake up and go to bed with. But did you notice – specific scents and colors that you might encounter for a moment during the day can make you feel calm and refreshed? For example, you entered your bedroom after exhausting working day and felt – everything smells of beautiful lavender. Or, you took a break and bought a bouquet of purple flowers on the street, that changed the entire atmosphere in the office.

Incredible attributes of magnificent purple fields

Lavender is not only a beautifully scented flower that makes the landscape unreal. True, it brings incredibly positive vibration with its essence and color, but it is also proven to be hugely helpful in combating many health problems. Lavender oil contains over 150 active substances. It is an excellent sedative agent, used as an antidepressant, has an antibacterial and has an anti-inflammatory effect. Therefore, it is in use as a natural aid for many health predicaments, from insomnia, anxiety, depression, and headache.

– Use it to treat skin and nail infection

– Cleans the surface of the microbe

– Destroys and suppresses bacterial growth

– Reduces inflammation

– It relieves cramps in muscles

– It relieves pain

– Purifies blood, cleans liver and kidneys

People used lavender oil from ancient times to help with various conditions. The oil of this flower was used in hospitals, as additional help for patients – it can increase the degree of tolerance to pain, both in adults and children. Lavender helps patients with dialysis because it relieves tension and discomfort. The use of lavender oil has been shown to make patients feel more calm, with no visible symptoms of anxiety and panic. Furthermore, a beneficial scent promotes a healthy working atmosphere among hospital staff, just as it helps patients.

Lavender Lemonade – a drink that will calm down the pain and refresh your day

This delicious drink can be a great refreshment for your family, guests, colleagues. It’s effortless to prepare, looks great and smells fantastic. It can serve as an addition to your creative food table at the next event you may organize. At the same time, it is so healthy and convenient for all people, solving many troubles, so you will be able to relax and enjoy your day finally. Lavender lemonade is an excellent set for you and your guests. Besides, it will help you with inflammation, headache, depression, high blood pressure, and other types of health problems.


– 6 lemons

– 12glasses of water

– one glass of raw honey

– the essential lavender oil

– fresh lavender flower for decoration

Preparation: Pill the lemons and squeeze the lemon juice. Add water. In the same bowl, add a couple of lavender oil drops and honey. Mix it well.

Use it in glasses or some small jars. If desired, add fresh lavender flowers as decoration. This way, you’ll get a beautiful and unique beverage, with a sweet-sour taste and a quite romantic look.

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