Why Are Food Allergies Present Among Children More Than Ever?

Why Are Food Allergies Present Among Children More Than Ever?

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Allergy is a phenomenon in which the immune system is struggling against substances from the environment, called allergens. Allergens do not belong to dangerous and harmful substances, but depending on the degree of chronic sensitivities in a person, they can significantly affect the way of life. In today’s world, there is a growing presence of food allergies, especially in younger generations. These include milk, eggs, peanuts, sesame, nut fruits, fish, or some food ingredients, such as gluten for example. Symptoms of allergic reactions are spreading in a broad spectrum, from mild redness to the skin, the itch, swelling to diarrhea, difficulty breathing, or anaphylactic shock.

A large and even growing number of people are allergic to many foods

Over the couple past decades, science has shown that the percentage of food-sensitive people has increased significantly and has become a global problem. The public remained shocked and scared after the news of the deaths of two British teenagers after consuming sesame. Most statistic numbers show towards the West. Young children and teenagers are most often affected by allergic reactions to food. Almost 7% of teenagers are intolerant on some of the nutrition, while in adults this percentage is significantly lower, 2%.

How and where does food sensitivity occur?

Why is there an increase, scientists cannot say for sure; What is evident that the higher rate is in urbanized settlements rather than in the countryside, as well as that it’s more likely to have allergic reactions to food in children living near industrial parts of the city.  Pollution and modern lifestyles can be the initiators of this food itolerance and are directly related to allergies.

The problem is also environmental. Recent trials show that migrants are more likely to develop asthma or allergies in countries they staying than in their home country.

Changes in food style, antibiotic and lower exposure to microbes can also affect changes in the immune system, and hence the onset of allergies. Another theory is that today’s children are overly sterile and that their organism has no contact with parasites, and the fight against parasites builds an immune system.

Vitamin D is a crucial thing in developing a child and strengthening the immune system. The disadvantage of this vitamin often causes troubles such as allergies and occurs in insufficient time spent in the sun.

The question arises – are we, trying to protect our children, made bigger evil and made them weak and less resistant? What can be done?

Detection of allergies and treatment

We can say that diagnosing the problem is very challenging for scientists. Sometimes it is necessary to find a connection between consumed food and symptoms and then laborally establish the accuracy of the theory. Often, patients suffer a long time before they encounter their problem.

When it comes to food allergies, there is no remedy. It is the condition with which people have to live and which, unfortunately, can change the child much and limit his life. Preparing special meals, separate from other children, and constant fears of possible allergic attacks, are a daily routine of these patients.

However, medicine is trying to use various methods to alleviate these difficulties. What is a huge shift, there is a blood test today that shows peanut intolerance, just as more than 90% of allergy can be detected.

Interesting is the method of some doctors who try to so-called “habituation” on foods that cause reactions. Consuming in small quantities with surveillance, and a gradual increase over the years. Research shows that 67% of allergic to peanuts in the coming period manage to consume a certain amount without any negative consequences. However, they remain allergic to this food.

The world is more aware of this problem, of course. Fighting them is constant. However, until a more lasting solution is found, allergies will remain part of our lives, an issue that sometimes stops us and the concern of many parents.

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