Food that affects your health and vitality

Food that affects your health and vitality

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Proper use of foods

 Guided by the desire to eat healthily, we bring as many different foods to our table. Everything that nature has given has its goal and a good influence on our body. Still, some foods that we often use in eating and preparing meals to contain ingredients that can be irritating to people with specific problems, such as lectins. It is a protein that causes gut irritation and leads to inflammatory conditions of the digestive tract. If we solve the foods that contain this ingredient, we will free ourselves from these problems and discomfort.

Foods to be ejected from use

 Cashews and peanuts

Many people think of these two foods with nuts. These are legumes and contain a large number of lectins. And if people use them in so-called proper meals, they should avoid them. They cause considerable irritation, especially with people who are affected by rheumatoid arthritis.

On the other hand, there is a lot of nuts fruit from which you can prepare similar meals you like.


It is true that the people of ancient Inca used this food that we use today as a substitute for wheat because it is gluten-free. However, it is highly protein-rich in lectins and has undesirable effects on your digestion and health of digestive organs. It also affects the body mass.

Corn and meat of animals fed by corn

Corn is one of the most general agriculture, especially in America. Many products of this cereal are in use every day and in every home. In addition to making fatty deposits, lectins are in large amounts, and the consumption of the same cereal as the beef meat fed by it must be drastically reduced, as the animals have the same harmful effects as humans.

Vegetable oil

These oils are obtained mainly from beans, soybeans, and corn and contain an incredible amount of lectins. Keep in mind; these plants are often genetically modified or sprayed with chemicals that contain this protein to protect the plant from insects. They are also rich in omega6 fats and make a real time bomb for your digestive organs.


These cultures contain the most significant amount of illicit protein. We all know that eating from them causes a feeling of flatulence, gases and even cramps in the stomach. And if legumes have their healthy properties, people who have problems with inflammation in the intestines should stop using them.

Cow’s milk products

Cow’s milk contains casein A1, a protein similar to lectin. More and more people think that we should get out milk from the diet, and turning to goats, sheep or herbal dairy. Coconut milk can be a good substitute.

Start with a small change

Many of the foods we often use can be toxic and irritating to your intestines, such as potatoes, hot peppers, eggs, tomatoes. Of course, you don’t need to reverse your diet entirely, but if you are confronted with critical gut problems, pay attention to more moderate consumption.

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