Fruitarian Diet – Meet People Who Eat Only Raw Fruit

Fruitarian Diet – Meet People Who Eat Only Raw Fruit

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Fruitarian Diet

Specific, restrictive diets or deep moral convictions can classify people into different groups of consumers. For example, many among us are vegetarians, people who don’t eat meat. More and more people are excluding animal origin food, not just meat, but also milk and eggs. A vegan diet is perhaps one of the most popular in the world, and many consider it the most appropriate for humans. However, there are those who go further. Have you ever heard about the people who eat only rotten fruits that fell off the tree? There are so many groups and subgroups of different diet types, those who consume meat, milk, only veggies, just proteins, no carbs… A fruitarian diet is a new world’s trend, a restrictive diet that includes only raw fruits. Fruitarian diet can also be called raw veganism.

What is considered under the fruitarian diet?

It is based on raw matured fruit. Fruitarian diet should contain 50-70% of raw fruits, such as apples, grapes, mango, bananas … Many fruitarians also eat nuts and cereals. Also, there are some species that we considered to be vegetables, which is actually a mistake. Cucumber, tomato, pepper or avocado are often found on the fruitarian menu. Still, many have chosen this diet, with the complete replacement of all other natural supplies for raw fruit.

Is the fruitarian diet healthy?

The fruit indeed contains a considerable amount of vitamins and minerals. It is a fantastic antioxidant. Still, a fruitarian diet is a very restrictive regime. It can lead to the imbalance in our body. Fundamentally, the organism will remain without the required amount of protein and essential fatty acids, which is very low in fruit. These are vital nutrients in smooth muscle development, the functioning of the brain and immune system.

Furthermore, a fruitarian diet will have a lower intake of calcium, iron and vitamin B12. This will additionally lead to the feeling of chronic fatigue and lack of energy. The consumption of calcium and vitamin D through the fruit, especially during the winter period, is deficient. This can cause weaker bones, joint pain and teeth problems, and the effect of lack of vitamin D can be reflected in the mood.

Fruitarian diet means the input of a vast amount of fruit sugar – fructose. Many people are intolerant to this sugar. Thus, such a diet could cause problems with digestion, nervous intestines, diarrhea, or flatulence. Fructose, especially in young people, contributes to tooth decay.

How to balance the fruitarian diet and active life?

Nutritionists recommend at least four or five fruit portions for a day. With all minerals and essential vitamins, it’s impossible to imagine health without fruit. Fruitarian diet can be significantly balanced if it includes nuts, some types of vegetables and cereals that will compensate for the constant intake of protein and fatty acids. Seeds or avocados can be a meat substitute.

Fruitarian diet will be interpreted individually by many people and applied differently. It can be an excellent choice for changing your lifestyle, losing some pounds and returning to form, for example after an unhealthy life period, fast food overdoses, lack of activities and some minor health problems.

However, like any restricting diet, and fruitarian is not for everyone. Groups of people at risk of diabetes and the problematic level of blood sugar, then those with pancreas or kidneys issues should avoid it. Also, any kind of eating disorder in the past is a good reason not to try fruitarian nutrition. Due to insufficient quality and nutrient diversity, raw fruits as the only source of food is not applicable in women who are pregnant or breastfeeding.

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