It May Sound Weird, but These Foods You Can Actually Eat and Still Feel Hungry

It May Sound Weird, but These Foods You Can Actually Eat and Still Feel Hungry

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Are you familiar with the feeling that you’ve been eating a lot, but soon after, you felt hungry again? However, some foods give us a sense of satiety,  shortly after consumption, but that feeling expire very fast. Nutritionists say that it is essential to choose the right food, in value and quantity, but also to consider the fact of how long we maintain a sense of satiety. So we bring ten tasty foods after which, yet,  you will feel hungry.


Soft, greasy and perfect with morning coffee. However, it has a very low index of satiety. They are full of fat and white flour, that gives you a lot of calories, but it will not really feed the organs. Whether you want a breakfast that will “keep you” by lunch, the shattered eggs on an integral toast should be adequate.

Yogurt with a low percentage of fat

The more you chew food, the more satisfied you are. Therefore, yogurt does not have the best grades. A low-fat yogurt often contains sweeteners that can increase blood sugar levels without any milk fat that can help you feel the sieve. Better eat plain, full-fat yogurt with fresh berries or nuts: more fiber, more chewing, and more satisfaction.


Is there a difference between muffins and a cake for breakfast? If we talk about nutritional values, not much. Both are a lot of refined white flour, sugar, and fats – the perfect way to get a heap of calories without melting hunger. The name muffin does not make it a better morning choice.

White rice

It can raise – and then collapse – sugar in the blood, which makes you hungry again. Instead, choose basmati or brown rice. And do not poke it.

Cereals with artificial sweeteners

Food that contains artificial sweeteners can affect your blood sugar and, in fact, make you feel hungry. The reason for this is probably in the fact that when you get a sweet taste without calories, your body still seeks those calories.

Fruit juice

It does not contain any fiber from the fruits from which it came from. Without fibers, blood sugar can quickly jump, then collapse suddenly, after which you will feel hunger again.

White bread

It does not contain fibers or nutrients from whole grains for which you feel quieter. There is a simple solution: instead of white, eat an integral bread. There are many species that you can find. Try and see what satisfies you.

French fries

It’s a pity really: squeeze or cook potatoes, and it will satisfy your hunger better than most foods on the planet. But if you fry it in the oil and feel very salty, it will lose most of its power. And usually, there is more fat and salt than ordinary potatoes.


It’s a sugar bomb that burns calories without any nutritional value. White flour quickly decomposes into sugar, and the glaze accelerates lifting and lowering of blood sugar – you will soon be hungry again.


Research is clear: people who drink carbonated juices get more calories during the day. Scientists think that this could be because they make you hungry, that is, in some way prevent you from feeling ashamed. Another theory is that sugar from the juice enhances the desire for sweet.

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