Keep It Healthy, Even During the Holiday Season – How to Outsmart Holiday Feast?

Keep It Healthy, Even During the Holiday Season – How to Outsmart Holiday Feast?

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So, it came about the time of the year when we have to confront some truly harsh temptations. It seems like the whole city smells of delicious, dear, traditional food, and whenever you look at the table, you see a bunch of yummy sweet stuff. If only you can take all day, to try just a bite of everything … But, sadly, all that tasty, good-smelly dishes and pies are in conflict with this year’s resolution to eat and live healthily. And just made a balance in your menu, when you suddenly been attacked by the holiday season. How to resist the temptation? Can we outsmart the holiday feast?

There’re a few tricks to enjoy in a holiday feast without bothering you with the guilt. What is most important here is to turn on your conscience and always be moderate in everything.

Try to Put a Holiday Feast in Your Regular Schedule

The first rule is – never skip meals to make more places for super cool dishes made by your favorite aunt or mom. It’s true, they making it only once a year. The diet schedule is essential because the body gets used to it and maintains a balanced blood sugar level. What’s more, try to fit your official dinner or lunch at the time scheduled for your meal. If it is not possible or does not depend on you, be sure to take a small snack at the time when you usually eat, then go to a feast.

Try a Little Bit of Every Favorite Dish

Your favorite food or drink you’ve been dreaming all year is a couple of steps away from you. Buffet calls you, and eyes and hands just don’t know to decide what to grab from the table. Tip – put a small amount of everything “favorite” on the plate and …move away from the buffet. Offer to bring some healthy dish or salad, so combine, a little bit of the naughty food, a little bit of broccoli, and a green salad. You will feel that conscience biting less.

Outwit the Holiday Feast

Plan each move well. If you remember that you had eaten too many potatoes for dinner last year, and unfortunately, there was no more room left for dessert, skip it this year. Ask your grandmother, your mum or someone in charge of organizing the holiday dinner, what is a surprise of the day, the specialty, and wait for it. A wise thing to do.

Another significant trick when it comes to overeating is that the brain takes about 20 minutes to receive information that the stomach is full. So, eat slowly to process the information. And be moderate in drinking. Always be moderate in alcohol, whether it’s a holiday feast or a regular day.

Keep moving

The holiday season implies many days off from work. You are relaxed and finally can spend the afternoon in pajamas. So for a long weekend, sleep and food, sleep, and food are rotating, and so on, until you realize, on Sunday evening, you fell out of the track and good discipline. Keep moving. After a holiday feast, take the dog into a walk.  Leave the car and walk to your parent’s house or friends you are invited to for lunch. Even the slightest activities are going to help in digestion and keeping the level of sugar controlled.

In the end, even if you gave yourself a couple of day for a break, it’s not a big deal. Still, it’s the most beautiful time of the year, and there’s nothing greater than sharing the food and time with people you love, a family and friends. Tomorrow, you will return to your healthy salad.

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