Laryngitis – Symptoms and Treatment

 Laryngitis – Symptoms and Treatment

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Woke up with a hoarse voice?

Laryngitis is an inflammation of vocal cords due to their overload, infection or irritation. The first symptoms and indications of this sore are croaky voice and hoarseness. If you woke up this morning with a frog in your throat and unrecognizable voice, then it is very possible that you have laryngitis.

This phenomenon is not unusual for spring days. It often happens that inflammatory processes in the throat cause voice distortion. For example, it can be caused by cold or flu. In the spring, laryngitis usually occurs as an allergic reaction.

What causes laryngitis?

Furthermore, the hoarse voice is a consequence of the excessive vocal cords practice. If you spent the last night shouting and cheering for your favorite team or singing in a club with friends, then it is not strange that you can’t recognize the tone that came out of you this morning.

Laryngitis is not a serious health condition, but it is an unpleasant one. There’s no need to go to a doctor for such problems. It’s enough to rest with the right throat cosmetics, and for a day or two, it will pass. But what if you are, for example, an opera singer? Or maybe you have a very important lecture as a college professor to do? Or perhaps, it is of the big day of the great public speech you’ve been practicing for months? There is no time to wait.

There are home remedies and tricks on how to defeat laryngitis and restore vocal cords.

Good Advice on How to Eliminate Laryngitis


  1. Rest and save voice only for essential conversations. If this important day is today, and you are bothering with laryngitis, try to switch only to necessary speech and use voice as little as possible. Avoid conversations, especially shouting and tension. Rest means a quick recovery.


  1. Rinse throat with salt and water solution. Dissolve half a spoon of salt in warm water, and with small sips, flush throat. Do not drink, but spit it. When the drink in the mouth is cold, repeat with a few more small sips.


  1. Stay in a room with humid air. Laryngitis can often be caused by dry air in closed space, especially during the heating season. Dry air drowns the throat and further irritates the burst of vocal cords. Make sure. It’s not a wonder why a hot shower or hot bath is recommended for laryngitis, as the steam will increase the throat relaxation.


  1. Apple syrup is a home food that is known to be perfect to combat against inflammation. Make a solution of two tablespoons in half a cup of water and apply it on the throat. You will feel relief, and the symptoms of laryngitis will soon disappear.


  1. Tea with honey. This is the traditional medicine that grandmothers used to gave us every time we got cold. Avoid citrus, but choose herbal teas that have anti-inflamed properties.


  1. Native – Indian Slippers elm tea with lemon is an ancient medicine that is useful for the cords and removing symptoms of laryngitis.


  1. The ginger root has a soothing effect on the dry and irritating troat that most often goes along with laryngitis and hoarseness. It can be chopped fresh, drunk as a tea or you can make a syrup of this root.


  1. Essential oils act soothing to mucus. Put a couple of drops in the air freshener or on the pillow you sleep on. You will feel their calming effect.


  1. Garlic is a natural antibiotic with a huge antibacterial effect. If you have infections of this type that is causing laryngitis, then the onion is an ancient but very effective remedy.


  1. Throat pastillas. In the end, if you don’t have time to relax and rest at home, or prepare some of the home remedies, we will help you with pastillas, a throat cosmetics that have all the necessary elements that will help you cure your laryngitis.

Avoid high tones, loud speaking, singing, shouting and trying to speak in the noisy spaces. Also, keep away from alcohol, cigarettes, and smoky rooms. If laryngitis begins to recur into a chronic problem, contact your doctor.

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