Late-Night Snacks We Always Regret

Late-Night Snacks We Always Regret

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Do you also try to hide from yourself that you have eaten the last piece of cake, in the midnight?

You just made a meal schedule and stuck to it. Just when you became healthfuller and reduced a few pounds, you started to sneak into your own kitchen again, trying to hide that you ate the delicious cake in ecstasy, five minutes before midnight. Admit, it’s not easy to go to bed with thoughts full of snacks, sweets, lasagna that stayed out of lunch, chocolate milk … And how to sleep when the brain and stomach, both pray for one more bite. Unfortunately, the late-evening snacks are disastrous for our weight, fit look, but also our health and we should stay away from them as much as possible. Here’s how to get rid of the night’s snack actions.

Prepare dinner with pleasure and a lot of attention

We don’t always have enough time to devote ourselves to preparing food, especially when we come home at night after all daily duties. Mostly for dinner, we eat something fast and by the way, and around midnight, the stomach starts looking for food again. In order to avoid unhealthy snacks, it is best to have a real hot meal for dinner, in your taste. Do not hesitate or reduce the portion. It’s better to eat regular dinner than a bunch of snacks later.

Take a piece of fruit instead of snacks

Many nutritionists will tell you that the fruit is not healthy to eat in the late hours. Yet, it’s much healthier to eat a banana than muffins. If you took enough calories and energetic values ​​during the day, it means that you are not really hungry, but just need it for some sense of taste. Sugar from fruits will give satisfactory signals to your brain that you are fed, and you will be able to go to sleep.

Drink a glass of water or get a cup of herbal tea

Again, hunger may just be an illusion in the late hours that forces you to indulge in snacks. In any case, tea or water will fill your stomach and make sense of satiety that will keep you until fall asleep. If you really have a desire for some pleasant taste, always opt for tea, just pay attention to being herbal, not fruity or made of different extras that can be difficult for the stomach during the night.

Wash your teeth earlier

The rule is – we do not eat anything after washing our teeth. It’s true, there are a few of us that are so persistent that will wash their teeth, eat some snacks, then rewash teeth and go to bed. Complete your oral hygiene obligations earlier. After that, you can do a lot more at home, but knowing that you are already set for bed and the time for eating and snacks has passed.

Get something to occupy your mind

When you’ve already in your comfortable bed and turned off the lights in the kitchen, you need to forget about the food. It is difficult. It’s a lot harder than getting up, get a robe and slippers and attacking a fridge. But, a smart device or a good book can jump into the help in this situations. Watch an interesting video clip, swipe through the social networks or read a good crime story. These activities will quickly lead you to sleep and will undoubtedly turn your mind away from food.

Finally, be a character and persistent. If you lie in bed while thinking about snacks, chocolate cakes, chips, get over with it. Try to sleep, so you’ll be closer to breakfast and delicious food.

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