Manuka Honey- Strong Natural Remedy

Manuka Honey- Strong Natural Remedy

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Manuka Honey

Manuka honey is a thousand -years old and the healthiest honey in the world. It originates from New Zealand, and local natives use it to prepare tonics and beverages. It is honey obtained exclusively from the pollen of one flower, the tree of Manuka (Leptospermum Scoparium) blooms.

It is known for its remarkable antibacterial properties that are resistant to dissolution, light, and heat. A research group from New Zealand, from Waikato University, discovered in 1981 that Manuka is stable, robust and has unique antibacterial properties that are not present in any other honey. A couple of factors contribute to this effect: a high concentration of pharmaceutical ingredients, low percent of water, less acidity and the presence of specific therapeutic compounds from the flower of the Manuka.

Manuka honey helps where standard drugs don’t

In a study conducted at the University of Sydney, Manuka honey has destroyed almost all kinds of bacteria. It is even effective against Helicobacter pylori, a highly resistant bacteria that causes ulcers. In 2004, the British government’s medical institutions approved its therapeutic use in the treatment of wounds. Manuka honey can be used as any medicine, either orally or externally.

When it’s placed on the wound, it absorbs water from the wound and dries it, and antimicrobial substances destroy microorganisms that infect the wound. It is useful because it penetrates deep into the skin, and in turn, strengthens the weakened immunity. Moisturizes and recovers skin and hair. It can also help with eczema, dermatitis, acne, fungal infections, inflammation, asthma, allergies, rashes and ulcers, anemia, digestive problems. Manuka is the perfect example of how traditional medicine addresses the issues of modern society. Today, when modern medicine is struggling with super resistant bacteria, this honey has proven to be a solution.

Heals throat inflammation

Thanks to its antibacterial properties, Manuka honey is excellent for the immune system and protects the body from numerous diseases. It works quickly with throat inflammation and heals wounds. If your throat is red and painful, a medication made from honey manuka will relieve you of the problem. Take a spoon of honey with warm water (not to boil) and lemon juice.

 Improves the digestive system

Manuka honey improves bowel movement and prevents bloating. It contains a natural probiotic, which is essential to maintain good bacteria in the intestine.

It nourishes the skin

Besides the fact that it is strengthening the immune system and giving energy, Manuka honey is a useful ally in beauty. Natural honey is excellent for treating acne and other skin infections. It provides the skin with the necessary moisture, and it hydrates because it absorbs moisture directly from the environment and transmits it to the skin.

Manuka Lemonade

Grind two teaspoons of ginger, squeeze lemon juice, add 0.75 liters of water and Manuka honey as you like.

Acne Mask

Apply the Manuka mask to the injured area every evening and let it stand until morning. Repeat the same procedure every day until there is an improvement.

Mask for moistening the skin

Clean your face, wet it gently and rub with Manuka honey. After twenty minutes, rinse. Helps with all skin types.

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