MCT Oil- Health Benefits from the Oil Everybody is Talking About

MCT Oil- Health Benefits from the Oil Everybody is Talking About

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MCT oils or medium chain triglycerides are a great supplement that you can add to your food, shakes or juices… These are particular types of saturated fatty acids with medium-chain carbs, typically 6 to10 or12 carbon atoms. In contrast, short-chain fat has less than 6 and fat of long chains of more than 12 carbon atoms. This kind of fat is usually absent in our diet because people who are responsible for making dietary guidelines have suggested the belief that saturated fat is harmful, and in fact, the truth is on the opposite side.

These tiny energy particles are called ketones or ketone bodies. Ketone bodies occur when your body converts fatty acids (not glucose) into energy. MCT coconut oil fats are actually the primary sources of ketone. When MCT fats are introduced into the body, they are transported directly to the liver. The liver turns them into ketones, without the use of bile. Ketone entities are then released into the bloodstream to be used immediately as fuel rather than stored in the fat tissue for later use. That’s why MCT fat can positively change your metabolism.

Advantages of MCT oil

The unique structure and the way it is metabolized in the human body gives MCT oil many benefits that are not found in other fatty acids. Advantages of MCT oils are:

-Antibacterial and antiviral properties that can help balance the intestinal flora and support immune health

-It is easier to digest them than most other fats

-They help to lose excess pounds

-They reduce hunger and promote satiety

-They provide fast, clean energy

-They can improve insulin sensitivity

-Enhances learning, memory and brain work in people with mild to moderate Alzheimer’s disease

Promotes weight loss

Many kinds of research have shown that MCT oils accelerate metabolism, causing the body to melt fat more quickly. One of the studies was conducted on two groups of people, one of which was MCT and another LCT oil as a source of fat. The rest of the calorie intake was precisely the same. For 12 weeks, that is, for almost three months, there was a difference of about four kilograms of loss between the two groups. This difference is most likely because this oil prevents the storage of fat in the body due to increased thermogenesis and oxidation of fat, which helps the body to produce ketones. Also, MCT fats have fewer calories than LCT fat, specifically 8.3 calories versus 9.2 calories per gram. All in all, MCTs help healthy weight loss because they make you sit longer, do not store fat, have fewer calories, and accelerate metabolism through a thermogenetic effect.

It reduces cholesterol and blood sugar levels

MCT also plays a role in protecting the health of the heart by lowering cholesterol. In a study conducted on 40 women, coconut oil intake reduced the bad cholesterol and improved the good. MCT also improves blood sugar levels and plays an essential role in controlling diabetes. Consumption of MCT oil in a small group of subjects improved the risk factors for diabetes, including insulin resistance. Since MCT oils are however fats, you must keep in mind that you should not inject them too much because excess can definitely lead to obesity, and also in many people the stomach reacts, and an excessive amount can cause problems with digestion and diarrhea. Start with a spoon a day, and some average 2-3 tbsps per day when you get used to it.

Improves memory

Since most of our brain consists of fatty acids, it’s no surprise that we have more energy, and we think more clearly when we supply MCT with oils and other healthy fats. One study showed that participants in the study had improved memory after eating MCT oils that produced higher levels of blood ketones. Besides, it stabilizes blood sugar levels and reduces inflammation while improving brain function. MCT can be excellent food for the brain and stop brain atrophy. These fats are excellent for restoring the purpose of the nerves and neuronal activity in mind, even after the damage has occurred

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