Meal Planning – What Is Right and What Is Wrong With It

Meal Planning – What Is Right and What Is Wrong With It

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How many times have you caught yourself in kitchen chaos, chasing your own tail? As if your idea disappears, what to cook for dinner, and you are rotating the same foods that you have in the refrigerator into the circle. In the end, order a pizza for everyone. And every time you promise that you will make a schedule and meal planning for the whole week, you never start it.

Meal planning is good. Why? You will eat healthier and more varied foods, undoubtedly. If you plan meals, you will save plenty of time as well as money for shopping. Just imagine that for the eternal question “what’s for dinner?” , you have an answer for the next seven days … and it’s on a fridge sticker. Fantastic.

What meal planning is not

What could mislead you, and planning a meal is indeed not –  a strict diet. On the contrary, the key is in regular meals and a variety of foods that you will use in your kitchen. Also, do not be afraid to experiment. Find recipes containing similar foods, so that everything you buy will be used rationally.

The other thing, meal planning is not a law that should be kept at 100%. Relax, go out to the restaurant, eat one ice cream more, or just, if you are too tired, call for delivery food. No one will condemn you, or the plan will not fail. Always leave one day for surprises and casual meals.

Three steps to start meal planning

Select recipes

So, if you have seriously decided, we assume that you don’t know where to begin. The first tip, start from Friday. Friday is the perfect day to sit down and make a plan. Think well, which groceries your loved ones prefer, what is it that you have practiced a little while cooking, and you want to? You, in fact, are best aware of the family duties, activities, and needs. Also, you can make a plan for all-day meals and what should they contain: more vitamins or fibers, lots of liquid, must be rich in proteins … then, you will choose recipes that you will be introduced into your meal plan. Recipe selection is not an easy task. It is also necessary to pick right, healthy and exciting meals for everyone.

Shop groceries

When you have carefully selected the specialties for your seven-day culinary adventure, it is a time for shopping. Leave it for Saturday. Usually, then you have enough time to get all the foods you’ve planned. You may have listed the exotic fruit on the list, which is a bit out of the budget. However, if you have a good selection of recipes, you will soon realize that your meal plan is very economical, and it means saving money and lesser food waste. Another rule about there are no rules – if some food is left in large amounts, improvise, change some of the next recipes, make a new combination to use it all the way to the end. Well, who knows, you may come up with some new specialty.


Sunday is a day for cooking. A couple of hours in the kitchen will be your relaxation instead of the obligations you are doing with tremendous tension. Include other family members in preparation. That way you will guide them into the whole meal planning and spend a good time together. If the selected recipes allow you, prepare meals and for several days in advance. This will give you extra free time during working days that you probably know how to use better.

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