Morel Mushrooms – Healthy and Delicious Specialty

Morel Mushrooms – Healthy and Delicious Specialty

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Morel Mushrooms

Morel mushrooms have a really unique shape of honeycomb or sponge and also, fascinating earthy taste. For the same reason, they are placed on the menu of all the world’s exclusive restaurants, and only the best chefs will prepare specialties from morel mushrooms. In addition to tasty dishes and irresistible aroma, these mushrooms bring a multitude of health benefits to people. Research shows that they can help improve immunity, affect positively on liver health, kill harmful pathogens, and more.

What Are Morel Mushrooms?

Morel mushrooms are known also called Morchella or morels. They can be picked up in some regions of North America, Turkey, India, Pakistan, and China.

The name, in fact, indicates to the genus of more than 70 species of mushrooms. All of them are similar but slightly different in taste and shape. Generally speaking,  morel mushrooms have a distinctive earthy flavor that perfectly fits with pasta, cream soups, and meat specialties.

The appearance of morel mushrooms may be different concerning the species. They can be found from yellow to brown and may range from one to five inches. What is common to all these mushrooms is, however, their unique appearance, similar to the honeycombs. Some would say that they have hats that look like sponges.

A significant remark – do not mistake this mushroom with false morels, which are similar in appearance but contain a type of toxin known as gyromitrin. Gyromitrin can cause serious undesired effects if consumed in large quantities. Typically, they have wrinkles, and brain drops on the drops, which differ from the actual seas of mushrooms. Some species also contain matter similar to cotton.

 What makes morel mushroom so expensive and valuable?

This rare fungus is a delicacy in many national cuisines. They are rich in nutty flavors and soft, fleshy textures. Quite expensive because they are not cultivated but only possible to be found in the wild. You will not find them for sale at your local supermarket.

Benefits of Morel Mushroom for Your Health

They are an excellent antioxidant

They contain a potent antioxidant compound that protects against free radicals and stress. Increased antioxidant intake could help prevent chronic conditions such as heart disease and cancer.

Studies have shown that morel mushrooms are rich in these compounds that can help remove free radicals and prevent peroxidation of lipids. Therefore, it is possible to have therapeutic use.

Morel mushrooms are protecting from harmful pathogens

Several studies have shown that mushrooms can help protect against harmful pathogens in the fight against infections that can be caused by bacteria and yeast. Also, studies show that this mushroom is effective in combating the notorious Escherichia coli, a bacteria that causes intestinal difficulties. These compounds were also able to reduce the activity of Aspergillus fumigatus and the type of fungus that is known to infect those with a weakened immune system.

Healthy Liver

We have already highlighted large antioxidant properties, studies show that morel mushrooms can protect and preserve liver health. In fact, taking extracts of several mushrooms showed hepatoprotective activity and reduced many markers used to measure liver disease.

Morel is strengthening the immune system

There is still insufficient scrutiny of all the benefits that the mushrooms have on human health, but recent tests suggest that certain compounds found in this natural resource could significantly influence the strengthening of the immune function and alleviate inflammation in the body.

Can help fight cancer cells

In addition to increasing immunity and providing a hearty dose of antioxidants that pass the disease, morel mushrooms also have a substantial impact on the development of cancer. A live study in the International Journal of Molecular Science has found that compounds extracted from seashell inhibited the extension and developed of colon cancer cells in a dose-dependent manner.

However, studies in the future need to determine if the consumption of these mushrooms can provide the same anti-cancer properties in humans.

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