How Much is a Farm-Raised Salmon Actually Dangerous?

How Much is a Farm-Raised Salmon Actually Dangerous?

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Salmon is a source of omega3 and is essential for heart wellness

In choosing healthy food, it is not very likely to make a mistake. Take everything green, fresh and from the countryside, and avoid fats and sugar. Every nutritionist in the world, just like a doctor, recommends that at least two times a week we serve a fish or any kind of seafood into our menu. Therefore, salmon is one of the favorite choices of people around the world. It will be found at our sunday’s family lunch, in the exclusive restaurant and recipes of the most delicious healthy specialties.

Fish is rich in Omega 3 fats. This is a low-carb protein source, made from good fats. Omega 3 And other nutrients from salmon are not only delicious foods but also essential for a healthy heart. All healthcare organizations rank it on the list of the healthfullest foods, and if we can freely say that some experts appeal to “too many” healthy effects in one fish. For this reason, they recommend reduced use, for example, in pregnant women.

Salmon from farms is the same as the fed cattle

However, salmon is the quality for which we will always single out the more money, but there is a difference concerning where the salmon meat came from to the store shelves. We have wild, natural salmon, fish meat that grew in a clean stream, ate the healthiest herbs and frowned in their natural habitat.

On the other hand, we have substantial salmon farms, where this fish, like cattle, fattens and feeds in unhealthy conditions. What are the real problems with salmon from these places? First, the fish is settled in large amounts on a small area, so it easily can be contaminated. Often, polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) a substance that causes cancer, occurs at these conditions.

Another problem is that in the past, some salmon farms have been accused of contaminating the natural environment, especially the waters of the sea and the ocean. In some farm-grown fish, traces of chemicals methylmercury and dioxins, hazardous to human health, were found.

Just like in pig or cow farming, salmon is often fed with concentrated foods to gain weight and so that the flesh could have a pink color.

For what would you decide?

When we make a parallel between wild and fish from the farm, we do not need to exaggerate a lot. Namely, the difference is not so drastic. Secondly, statistics show that in the last few years, agriculture has introduced a significantly higher standard and that the quality of farm-grown fish has increased by as much as 50%.

Of course, the fish coming from the clear mountain stream, lived in an isolated environment, regarding the farm, is absolutely organic. But choosing any salmon meat rather than processed foods, carbohydrates and fat, is definitely a good choice.

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