Natural Antibiotic Propolis Is an Excellent Replacement for Synthetic Medicines

Natural Antibiotic Propolis Is an Excellent Replacement for Synthetic Medicines

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Propolis has been traditionally used for more than 2000 years. Historical records show that propolis was an essential and valued product in the medicine of Egyptians, Babylonians, Arabs, Greeks, Romans and many others.

Today, when excessive use of synthetic antibiotics has caused resistance to most microorganisms, it is necessary to find wiser solutions offered by nature. We all know that synthetic medicines cause side effects that occur immediately or sometime after their use, while nature’s gifts do not have unwanted consequences. There are many natural products with antibiotic action, and propolis is one of the most potent.

It is a super-food that nourishes and treats the human body. The name is typical for a mixture of adhesive substances that bees collect from flowers of different plants. Bees collect and mix with the secretion of the glandular glands, enzymatically modify it so that the most essential components, flavonoids, become active substances. It has a specific form, a unique bitter taste, a characteristic and aromatic odor. The structure and color of propolis depend on the plant species from which the bees collect material and about the seasons.

A Wide Range of Medicinal Effects of Propolis

This natural remedy contains 50% resin, 30% wax, 10% essential oils, 5% pollen, numerous vitamins and minerals, organic acids, polyphenols, flavonoids. It keeps healthy tissue and treats the diseased person.  Exceptionally useful in ulcers, burns, and stings, propolis has the power to stop abnormal cell proliferation (cytostatic) and even treat benign tumors. It is known that propolis stimulates the formation of new cells and the regeneration of damaged tissue. Propolis also helps in severe diarrhea, where other drugs are helpless. As a top active biostimulator, it contributes to improving the overall state of the organism, normalizing metabolism, and immunity. It has a significant role in the treatment of ear and oral cavity diseases. It provides excellent results in the treatment and prevention of throat inflammation. It helps with toothache, paradentosis, bad breath, hemorrhoids, urinary tract inflammation, and gastritis.

As a powerful antioxidant, it works against free radicals, which today are considered to be the causes of many, even the most severe diseases such as atherosclerosis, cataract, cancer, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s. The latest analysis shows propolis encourages the immune system and has an anticancer effect.

Propolis For Immunity

The results for strengthening the resistance of the organism are multiple. The immune system represents a crucial role in maintaining health and vitality. A healthy system shields us from diseases and infections. The immune system weakens during aging, in the mid-thirties and later. Impaired immunity can make us more susceptible to illness, many of which can develop into severe and life-threatening conditions. By offering a range of active ‘flavonoids,’ propolis for immunity can act to promote cell regeneration and in fact support the immune system through its cellular compound compounds. Of course, there is a very different quality of bee propolis. It is necessary to provide enzymatic activity along with nutritionally active vitamins and minerals because its power is useful to us in the possible medical sense. In short, it is understood that flavonoids in propolis can block the release of histamine that acts on the development of the immune system and prevents the formation of many common diseases.

Propolis For Face

Historical records show that propolis was an important and valued product in the medicine of Egyptians, Babylonians, Arabs, Romans, and Greeks. Old people recognized the quality and significance of this product, so they applied it to aesthetic problems as well as to scars on the face. Propolis grease is excellent for wounds that are hard to heal, as well as for many skin diseases: acne, pimples, psoriasis, eczema, and fungal skin diseases. It is also very effective in resolving the problem of the blisters of the face. It drains the acne, and after a few days of use, your face will clear. Just tap the drops on the pimples on your face, and let it stand. After that rinse off the face, because the yellow trail can remain.

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