Polyphenols in Nutrition- The Magical Health Effect of Antioxidants

Polyphenols in Nutrition- The Magical Health Effect of Antioxidants

- in Healthy Food

Polyphenols are phytochemicals compounds that can be found in medicinal plants, abundantly. They are known for phenomenal anti-oxidant properties and play a significant role in preserving overall health.

More than 8,600 known this elements can be found in foods such as chocolate, a lot of different fruits and vegetables; Also can be found in extra virgin olive oil, or tea and wine. These antioxidants defend the body cells from damage caused by free radicals, preventing heart disease, cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, slowing down aging.

Polyphenols in food such as berries, fruits, and vegetables give vibrant colors and acidity, flavor, taste and oxidative stability. Plants protect against ultraviolet radiation, pathogens, oxidative damage, and harsh climatic conditions. In the human body, polyphenols have a different biological roles-they fight against cancer cells and prevent angiogenesis (blood vessels that feed the tumor), protects the skin from ultraviolet rays, they fight free radicals and reduce signs of aging, protect the brain from dementia, protect the cardiovascular system and regulate blood pressure.

Food rich in polyphenols

To make the most of all the benefits of these healthy compounds, it is important to eat different foods rich in polyphenols. Quality spices, raw vegetables, and seeds are some of the best sources. Rich sources of polyphenols are red wine, of course, black grapes, dry grapes, blueberries, legumes, cabbage, onions, teas, celery, and nuts. Coffee is one of the most significant natural sources of polyphenols. It helps to preserve youth, and this is not due to the content of polyphenols, but also because of their combination with caffeine and other useful substances. However, there is a problem of bioavailability, or how well your body can absorb nutrients in food. An exciting thing about polyphenols is to break down into fats. This means that they should be taken with fats or they will not be easily absorbed. Organic food contains a higher percentage of these compounds compared to that cultivated in the usual way. Also, freezing immediately after reading in the plant preserves a high rate of antioxidants in which the polyphenols are dominant.

What are the health benefits of polyphenols?

Prevention of type 2 diabetes. Testing on animals and some studies involving people have shown that polyphenols in food stabilize the blood sugar level and fat metabolism, reduce insulin resistance and inflammatory processes in the body. This can prevent future complications due to diabetes such as cardiovascular disease, neuropathy, and retinopathy.

Prevent cancer. Various studies have shown that precious polyphenols protect against cancer. Researchers believe that their antioxidant effect protects DNA from harm caused by free radicals, which can be a trigger for cancer development. They can also reverse epigenetic markers in DNA and, as it is thought, slow down tumor growth.

Preventing cardiovascular diseases. Scientific research has shown that polyphenols in wine are excellent prevention of cardiovascular diseases and even help in their treatment. Flavonoids reduce the number of blood platelets circulating in the blood and contribute to the better functioning of cells that coat the veins and arteries. Also, they prevent the platelets from gluing, and therefore the thrombosis, suppress the inflammatory processes in the body and to avoid plaque deposition on the walls of the arteries.

Reducing Alzheimer’s risk. Researchers have identified the role of polyphenols in delaying dementia and reducing Alzheimer’s risk. For example, polyphenol resveratrol, which is found in the skin of grapes and red wine, has neuroprotective effects. Other studies have shown that their daily intake slows down the development of dementia by alleviating changes in the neurological system that causes these diseases.

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